Here you will find a collection of technical articles to guide you during the troubleshooting of Operating System related issues:

  1. Operating System Troubleshooting

Our Operating System knowledge base is a comprehensive library of technical articles for all OS types.

Operating System Installation

For 11th generation and above, here is a generic guide on how to install an operating system on a PowerEdge Server. Using the LifeCycle controller, the process has been made easier to install a single server.

You will also find more information for the different operating systems available in the Operating System How-To page > Select OS Deployment.

Finally, you can take a look at our information pages for each Operating system:

Operating System Troubleshooting

There are few Operating System related issues that are specific to Dell PowerEdge Servers. The best sources of information for Operating System relate issues are the developer's knowledge bases.

Here is also a collection of Dell technical articles which might help you find a solution:

SLN110336 Windows Server: Common Issues in Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 4 (BACS4)
SLN147515 Windows Server: How to Remotely Manage a Windows Server Core Installation of Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2
SLN156094 Basic Windows Blue-Screen Troubleshooting with WinDbg
SLN163383 Windows Server: Driver Support for Dell Hardware in Windows Server 2012
SLN163954 Troubleshooting Options if Windows Fails to Start on a Dell Server
SLN163973 How to Configure Windows Server to Generate a Dump File in the Event of a Blue-Screen
SLN163995 How Do I Replace Lost or Damaged Microsoft Operating System Media?
SLN294015 How to repair your Windows operating System
SLN167476 Best practice analyzer can help troubleshooting Windows Server or Application problems on Dell Servers
SLN179108 Troubleshooting Windows Server Issues on your PowerEdge System
SLN294017 Microsoft Performance and Diagnostics
SLN167239 How do I get to my data if the operating system fails? How do I get data off my server?
SLN296088 ESXi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
SLN147525 How to Troubleshoot Hyper-V Issues

For more technical content, you can refer to our online Enterprise Knowledge base.