Here is a list of some of the symptoms that could point to a hard drive related issue on your PowerEdge server.

It's important to clearly identify all the symptoms to be able to troubleshoot efficiently afterwards.


Hard disc drives should run smoothly and in silence. If your HDD is making grinding or clicking noises, it could indicate a head crash, noisy bearings or a failed motor.

Read/Write performance issues

Copying or writing files to your disc takes time? It even crashes sometimes? These performance issues could indicate a HDD problem. Make sure you take note of when and how these symptoms occur.

Light indicators on the chassis

There are different indicators on your server's chassis which you can look at. Here is an article which provides details information:

Error messages in the System logs or the operating system logs

Last of all, the log files can also show error messages related to HDDs and RAID:

    • HDD and RAID related errors in the System Logs - SLN292270
    • HDD and RAID related errors in the Operating Systems - SLN292049

Once you have looked for all these symptoms and made a detailed list, you can start running diagnostic tools to determine if it is a hardware or a software issue.

You can also review the HDD related HowTo guides available on the Dell Support site.

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