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Dell T430 Power Supply

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Dell T430 Power Supply

  • Buongiorno,

    Ho comprato un Dell T430 l'anno scorso.

    Per errore abbiamo inserito un solo Power Supply dcosi nominato: "Single, Hotplug

    Power Supply (1+0), 495W".

    Ora la domanda è questa:

    1) Se inserisco un altro alimentatore identico e lo metto nell'alloggiamento si configurano automaticamente come rindondanti?

    2) Qual'è il codice del prodotto che mi serve? Perchè lo volevo acquistare su Esprinet.

    Grazie mille in anticipo

    Converted by google Translate:

    Good morning,

    I bought a Dell T430 last year.

    By mistake we bought a single Power Supply called: "Single, Hotplug

    Power Supply (1 + 0), 495W ".

    Now the question is this:

    1) If I insert another identical power supply and put it in the slot, will it automatically configure itself as reindeer?

    2) What is the product code I need? Because I wanted to buy it on Esprinet.

    Thanks a lot

  • Sorry

    They told us to write here for support

    But here none of Dell responds

    We buy 10000 euro servers and can not know this thing on the power supply?

  • Hi Michelle ,

    We require some additional details from your end.

    We have e-mailed a private message to your e-mail ID.

    Please check and respond.



    Dell Support
    Dell Enterprise Technical Support

  • Thank You i send you a mail

  • Hi Michelle ,

    The current power supply Unit in the Server is 495 Watt Redundant Power Supply Unit.

    For New Part , the required SKU Number  is : 450-AEHE

    Dell Part # GRTNK

    The New Power Supply Unit will automatically be detected by the Server once installed.

    If you wish to configure the power settings that can be done within iDRAC.

    Thank you ,

    Regards ,


    Dell Support
    Dell Enterprise Technical Support