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PowerEdge R710 Failed disk 0:0:0

PowerEdge Out of Warranty

PowerEdge Out of Warranty
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PowerEdge R710 Failed disk 0:0:0

  • Service Tag: xxxxxx

    Disk information:

    ID 0:0:0

    Status Critical

    Name Physical Disk 0:0:0

    State Failed

    Power Status Spun Up

    Bus Protocol SAS

    Media HDD

    Revision ES68

    T10 PI Capable No

    Certified Yes

    Capacity 278.88GB

    Used RAID Disk Space 278.88GB

    Available RAID Disk Space 0.00GB

    Hot Spare No

    Vendor ID DELL(tm)

    Product ID ST3300657SS

    Serial No. 6SJ3X4H0

    Part Number CN0F617N726221BF04THA01

    Negotiated Speed 6.00 Gbps

    Capable Speed 6.00 Gbps

    Sector Size 512B

    Manufacture Day 05

    Manufacture Week 46

    Manufacture Year 2011

    SAS Address 5000C50047193C7D

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    Thank you for contacting the dedicated Out of Warranty forum for PowerEdge products. We have sent you a private message on the forum in order to get the Service Tag of your PowerEdge Server.

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