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PowerEdge T610 Server

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PowerEdge Out of Warranty
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PowerEdge T610 Server

  • This is PowerEdge T610

    Today we got a loud sound on the server, the fans were making a big sound like a plane, and the light on the display was blinking (dark blue) with no error message only show me the service tag ST XXXXXX.

    At this moment it looks normal no sound, and I was checking the display and pressing the status to find any error but, didn't find error messages and the light is not blinking, it's solid again(dark blue).

    Could you please let me know what could be the issue, and if is this a normal behavior or is there something to take care of ?

    Thanks for your response


  • Hi,

    Thank you for contacting the dedicated Out of Warranty forum for PowerEdge products. We have sent you a private message on the forum in order to get the Service Tag of your PowerEdge Server.

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