We own nearly a dozen of these now, and each and every one of them that we have purchased coming off lease, whether purchased on eBay, or direct from the lease administrators have all come with the same rails. (pictures below).

My question is, as these are obviously the rails available for this server, is there any way to secure them other than the obvious screwing the rails into the posts, and then screwing the screws on the front of the power control panels on the 6100 into the posts as well?

Is there any way to screw these into the sides of the chassis itself?

We had a D.C. that while removing a hard drive caddy from a racked c6100 caused the chassis to fall about 3-4 inches.  they caught the chassis and it didn't strike anything, but I cannot figure out how this happened.

Now, the DC does have racks with 20th century round holes, rather than every rack made since 2007 that has square holes, so they sold us replacement posts with square holes.  The only thing I can think of is that the posts were not completely secured?

Is there any reason that while removing a HDD caddy the chassis should fall off the rails?

I'd appreciate all responses, especially those from Dell employees.