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Windows SBS 2003 License Keys

PowerEdge Out of Warranty

PowerEdge Out of Warranty
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Windows SBS 2003 License Keys

  • We bought a poweredge server and windows sbs 2003 platform about 10 or so years ago from Dell. The server has long since ceased to be but we have been using the 2003 server in a virtual state for a number of years. The server hosting the virtual entity suffered a hardware failure this weekend and we are trying to recover our data but find we no longer have the 2003 discs or license key. Can we recover the license information from your records so we can download and install the platform and the sql databases?

  • Dear David,

    Thank you for contacting the dedicated Out of Warranty forum for PowerEdge products. We have sent you a private message on the forum in order to get the Service Tag of your PowerEdge Server.

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    Vijaysimha R

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