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PERC H710 Cannot add new drives to existing RAID 5 config -Dell R420

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PERC H710 Cannot add new drives to existing RAID 5 config -Dell R420

  • Hello,

    We have a Dell Poweredge R420, that has 3x 1TB 2.5" SATA drives installed.

    On the PERC H710, we have these 3 drives setup as a 'RAID 5' Configuration.

    There are 2 virtual disks configured in the RAID 5, one is for booting ESXi and the other is for the ESXi Datastore.

    Recently we purchased another 5 drives to fully populate the server.

    I would like to add them to the existing RAID 5 config on the PERC but it will not let me.

    The most I can do is make one of the drives a 'global hotspare' or create a new RAID volume (using the new disks).

    Why can I not add in the new physical drives to the existing RAID?


  • Dear Thomas,

    Thank you for contacting us, so that Dell can manage your query we need to get the Service Tag of your computer, which we have requested by e-mail.

    The post is still open so that any other customer can also give you an answer.


    Rakesh Kumar

    Dell Support
    Dell Enterprise Technical Support

  • Morning,

    I have emailed you the tag, is there any other info you need on this before you can take a look at the problem?

    any advice would be great.


  • Hello,

    It looks like its the firmware on the PERC, its so old it doesn't support the new drives purchased through Dell... if you view the status from 'Open Manage' you can see the yellow triangle on the physical drives and it is unable to obtain certain info about the drives. We will update the firmware and then see what happens (update to follow)

  • Hello,

    When I update the firmware on the PERC, I will also need to update the driver version on the ESXi Installation. according to the vmware website though, the latest driver available only has support for a firmware from 2015, not the latest one from dec 2016. Will this cause a problem? what do you advise?

    The dell website compatible version:

    Latest driver on the vmware website + the supported FW associated:

  • Hello,

    After completing the firmware upgrade on the controller and the drives, we are still having no luck on expanding the RAID set. Through open manage I noticed that the original drives are showing as "certified yes" and the new drives are showing as "certified no"

    We purchased these drives through Dell, giving the service tag etc. Is there such thing as an un-certified drive? Is this why it wont let us expand the RAID?