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Failed memory replacement

PowerEdge Out of Warranty

PowerEdge Out of Warranty
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Failed memory replacement

  • Hi we have a poweredge2800 with flashing amber light. In the diagnostics section one 2mb memory has failed . Where do we obtain a replacement ?. The array are 2 x 2048mb . It says that it has 16 slots with only 2 being used. Can we upgrade to 8mb ? either 4 x2 or 2 x4mb units?

  • Dear Alwyn,

    Thank you for contacting us, so that Dell can manage your query we need to get the Service Tag of your computer, which we have requested by e-mail.

    The post is still open so that any other customer can also give you an answer.


    Rakesh Kumar

    Dell Support
    Dell Enterprise Technical Support

  • Hi Rakesh - Service Tag is M******

  • Service Tag MS17079