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Dell PowerEdge 2850 RAID Issue

PowerEdge Out of Warranty

PowerEdge Out of Warranty
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Dell PowerEdge 2850 RAID Issue

  • I have a PowerEdge 2850 server which will not boot past the RAID configuration checks. I receive the following information at the point where the boot process is halted:

      1 logical drive found on the host adapter

      0 physical drives found on the host adapter

      Unresolved configuration mismatch between disks and the NVRAM on the adapter.

      1 logical drive handled by BIOS

      0 physical drives handled by BIOS

      Press Ctrl & M to run Configuration Utility or any other key to continue.

    Pressing any other key does not allow the machine to boot as it cannot see any hard disks to boot from.

    When I select Ctrl & M and run the Configuration Utility I can see two hard disks have failed (disks 2 and 4) but I am unable to replace the disks and rebuild them.

    Using the Check Consistency in the Configuration Utility, it says the Logical Drive State is Offline.

    Could you please provide assistance in this matter?



  • Hi David ,

    We have E-Mailed you a private message to your E-Mail ID.

    We need more information about the Server.

    Please check and respond.

    Thank you ,



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