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PowerEdge 710 Failed SAS Drive

PowerEdge Out of Warranty

PowerEdge Out of Warranty
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PowerEdge 710 Failed SAS Drive

  • I noticed a failed HDD on the RAID yesterday. I removed the drive and re-seated it to have it rebuild. The rebuild was sucessful lastnight, but this morning the drive listed as failed again.

    I think I need to order a replacement part. Can you assist?

  • accessories.euro.dell.com/.../productdetail.aspx

    Is that the replacement part I need?

  • Dear Customer,

    Thanks for contacting us, so that Dell can manage your query we need the Service Tag of your computer, which we have requested by e-mail but we have not received any response.

    This article could help you to localize the Service Tag: Locate Service Tag or Express Service Code.

    If you still need an answer, please send us the Service Tag.

    The post is still open so that any other customer can also give you an answer.


    Rakesh Kumar

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