I have a Dell optiplex 755 and the previous hdd died.  replaced the hdd with an identical size hdd(250GB).  reimaged the drive and it was successful.  I reboot the computer with new image and it never boots.  The BIOS says that it sees the new drive as SATA 1 and SATA 0 is the optical-drive.  I look in the boot sequence and it is not present.  I have read other problems simalar to this one and have tried all the SATA operation choices from

RAID Autodetect / AHCI

RAID Autodetect / ATA

RAID only


and then I disabled the Keyboard error report

and still nothing boots up.  I also have upgraded the BIOS to version A22.  I can see the drive from a BARTPE bootup and the image/contents is there but the drive just will not boot up.  I have occasionally seen the drive in the boot sequence but it does not stay.  I have realign the boot sequence so that the first and second boot devices are, optical-drive and then SATA but is does not boot.

Running out of ideas to make this work.  Any advice would be helpful, Thanks!