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What is DVDSentry??

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What is DVDSentry??

  • Hi folks!


      I've seen on my Inspirion a software called DVDSentry.  What is it?  What does it do?  Will it do any harm to uninstall it??



  • Cazurela,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.
    What is DVD Sentry for?

    DVD Sentry piece of software that detects DVDs and prompts the user to run the Dell installed DVD application.
    Some DVDs include their own DVD decoding/playing software that will automatically want to install itself on the PC when you insert the DVD.
    Installing multiple DVD playing applications can cause problems as an application may overwrite a file or they may fight with each other as to which application is used by default to play DVDs.
    DVD sentry detects when another DVD decoding/playing applications is about to be installed, and prompts the user to use the Dell installed DVD player instead.
    If you wish, you can remove DVD sentry from Add\Remove programs in the control panel.
    If you wish to reinstall DVD sentry, you can find directions on the following site:
  • I would like to reinstall DVD Sentry in my Inspiron 5150. The knowledgebase article which you mentioned refers to Drivers and Utilities CD. I got a blue Drivers and Utilities CD P/N Y2986 (August 2003) with my Inspiron and this CD does not contain DVD Sentry even when my Inspiron had it factory installed. Where can I find DVD Sentry program? 
  • Bearw,

    Try the following:

    Insert your Drivers, Utilities, and Applications CD in the CD drive.
    The message Welcome Dell System Owner appears.
    Click the Next button.
    The Search Criteria menu appears.
    Click to select ALL from the System Model menu.
    Click to select Windows XP from the Operating System menu.
    Click to select Applications from the Topic menu.
    A list of available Applications appears.
    Click to select Dell DVDSentry.

    If that does not work then try reinstalling the Dell OEM provided DVD software.
    It is usually WinDVD or PowerDVD.
  • Karell,

    Thank you for your suggestions, but I am afraid that my Inspiron Drivers and Utilities disk does not have DVD Sentry. I tried also the reinstallation of PowerDVD from applications CD and it did not help either. Is DVD Sentry available for download somewhere?