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dell dimension 8300 bios does not recognise ssd

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dell dimension 8300 bios does not recognise ssd

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Installed Intel 530 SSD in Dimension 8300 and connected via PCI Sata card. Appears as 'unknown device' in BIOS (revision A03). Running Windows 7 the drive is correctly identified in Device Manager but does not appear in Windows Explorer.

Have tried updating BIOS to A07 but the installation programme is not compatible with Windows 7.

I want to install Windows 7 on the new SSD and keep my data on the old hard disk drive.

Any suggestion?

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  • Hi Rumpel Stiltskin,

    I would suggest you to update the BIOS to A04 version first and then try updating to A07 version on your system.

    Also, please reply us with snapshot of the ‘Disk Management’ and the operating system currently installed on the system.

  • not sure what you mean by disk management. is this it below? Also OS details below. Cannot update BIOS at all because i get error message 'flash access denied' even though I am logged on as administrator. Compatability troubleshooter does not work and XP mode download for Windows 7 no longer available.

    Hope you can help.

  • Type "disk management" into search, then select create and format hard disk partitions.

  • Thanks, here it is. The new solid state drive is F: 

    I don't understand why it is recognised by Windows but not BIOS. Is there a way I can use it to boot Windows 7 from?

  • Hi Rumpel Stiltskin,

    As the drive is connected through the PCI Sata card its not recognizing as a single drive in the BIOS. But, I would suggest you to perform a Windows installation with only SSD connected to the system to check if you are able to make it as a boot drive.

  • Thanks, got the SSD up and running in IDE mode. To use intel TRIM function I need it I AHCI mode but cannot find a switch for this in BIOS A03 for Dimension 8300. I have checked the BIOS revisions but I don't see anything that specifically addresses this issue. Does anyone know if a later BIOS will fix my issue?
  • The RAW file system indicates the drive is not formatted. It needs to be formatted to be recognized.