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I recently bought a new hard drive for the dell inspirion 19t touchscreen. After inserting the new hard drive, a message comes up saying no kernel sys. I ran diagnostics and found out that there is only one error and it points to the optical drive. Either way, I need a new one and I was wondering which would be compatible with the dell 19t. Is there anyway to be sure that this will fix the problem when I get a new one, and if possible, can you provide direct links to the compatible optical drive. The one that I took out of the computer says DVD writer Model Ts-L633. Also, I was not able to use the install disks after getting a new hard drive and I think it is because the optical drive could not read the disc.

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  • Hi Justin1792,

    If I understand correctly, you are trying to replace the hard drive in your Inspiron 19 touch desktop, which of course requires reinstalling the operating system. The normal procedure in this case would be to boot the system, hit the F12 key to enter the advanced boot menu, insert your Windows installation disc in the DVD drive, and select the option from the menu to boot to the DVD drive. Please try that. If you get an error, please write it down and post it here.

  • Hello osprey4,

         I already replaced the hard drive, and was unable to install the operating system. The error had something to do with the optical drive. The computer is apart right now so I can not check to see what the exact error is. I know for sure that I have to replace the optical drive, and was wondering which optical drive is compatible with a dell inspirion 19 t because the information on this type of computer is limited. I tried to post pictures, but  this discussion box requires 64KB and the pictures exceed 550 KB. The only information I have about the optical drive that I know is important is that it says dvd writer model TS-L633.

  • That model takes a standard slim DVD drive.

  • That's what I needed to know, thanks a lot.