Can a 9.5mm high drive be used in a Latitude e6430?

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Can a 9.5mm high drive be used in a Latitude e6430?

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I recently bought a refurbished e6430 as a laptop upgrade. The laptop has a 320gb drive installed and I would like to put a larger drive in the computer. The standard shock mounting rails in this particular machine are designed for a 7mm drive. There are several 1TB drives available, but they are all 9.5 mm high. Does anyone know if one of these taller 9.5 mm drives will fit in the e6430 and if so does Dell have a set of 9.5mm shock mounting rails that can be used to mount the drive?

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  • Hi SteveC200,

    Latitude e6430 supports 9.5mm and 7mm hard drive in the 2.5" bay. You can connect a 9.5mm hard drive to the same mounting rails.

    Please let me know if you need further information.

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  • Do I need additional parts to mount a 9.5 mm drive? The existing setup has a 7 mm drive with rubber rails that increase the thickness of the drive from 7mm to about 12-13 mm thick. A larger 9.5 mm drive would not fit in the 7mm grooves in the set of rubber rails that I have. For the new thicker driver do I just discard the rubber rails or are there rubber rails with a 9.5mm groove that I would need to purchase in order to mount a thicker drive?


  • You should be able to fit a 9.5 mm drive with replacement bumpers.  That said, WD has released a 7 mm 1 T drive.

  • I'm running into the same problem. I've got a dell tech support rep looking into it for me, but she initially told me that they only ship the e6430 with 7mm hard drives.  It sure seems to me that there should be a part number for 9mm bumpers, since the 9mm drive fits in the bay. The rep told me she was contacting other departments to see if they knew of such a part.  I'll post again when I hear back from her.

  • Dell customer support was absolutely no help in finding the parts I needed. I made several calls but could never get the part number. I finally lucked out and ran across a set that someone had pulled during a drive upgrade. I have no clue what the part number is for these. I installed a 9mm thick 750GB SSHD in my 6430 - the drive slides right in if you have the correct bumpers. Perhaps with a photo one of the Dell guys trolling the site might be able to find the part number.I have attached a photo of the bumpers here:

  • Those are the 9.5mm bumpers, right?

    Is the black plastic bezel at the top of the photo exactly the same between the 9.5mm and 7mm versions? What about the 2-d barcode? On my 7mm bezel, the number under the barcode is:


    As far as help identifying the part number, my 7mm bumpers have the following markings on them. 

    On the outside of the bumper when it's attached to the drive, it says "HDD Isolation 7.0 mm - L" on the left one, and -R on the right one.

    On the face of the bumpers covered by the bezel (the left side of the computer, when the drive is installed), the left bumper says EAR-02 and the right bumper says EAR-11

  • The bumpers I bought say 9mm on them. There isn't a part number on them. 

    The bezel is exactly the same as the one that came with the 7mm bumpers. This can be reused from your 7 mm setup. Hopefully someone at Dell will be able to figure out the part number with the photo.

  • No Idea what the part number is for the rubber hard drive isolation parts

    It may be that with a 9.5mm drive these parts do not apply as the drive would be too thick to fit.

    "0FXCRD" is the part number for the DOOR.

    the CN means made in china probably by Foxconn.

    Part Number FXCRD/ 0FXCRD DOOR is compatible with the following Dell Models:

    Latitude E6430, Latitude E6530

    There is also an Optical Drive Caddy.

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  • One more thing: On the inside of the rubber bumpers is the 3M logo, so I'm pretty sure they're the ones who make the bumpers.

    The dell rep who's been handling my case called me today and said that the people she spoke with said that a 9.5mm drive can just be slid into the case, without any bumper at all.  However, since it seems pretty clear from the photos above that the part exists, I'd be more comfortable with the extra vibration/shock protection.

  • Felt compelled to write in response to this issue.  I have an E6530 that came with a 7mm 500GB hard drive.  I purchased a 9.5mm SSD to upgrade my boot drive.  I found this post with no real answer.  I contacted Dell business support and they were actually quite helpful.  The tech, Michael, found parts that are supposed to be compatible with the E6530.  I looked them up and some show E6330 and other list the E6530 as well.  Regardless, I am confident they will work as they are just rubber bumpers (hopefully)!  Long story short, here they are:

    The part numbers are: k9YXh for the left bumper, and JJFXW for the right bumper.  The faceplate can be reused.

    I plan to put the 7mm 500GB hard drive in a caddy in the modular bay.  Dell support was great.  They are sending the parts free of charge next business day.  If I don't respond again, the parts worked.  If they didn't fit, etc., I will be sure to report.  I hope this helps someone in the future!

  • Just to add the the above helpful post by DACHEF. The same parts are also OK for E6440, however Dell were not prepared to free issue to me and wanted £39+VAT for the pair...

  • Thanks for finding the part numbers.  I thought the faceplate didn't fit, but, I was a bonehead and had the drive upside down.  I will see if Dell will send them to me.  I've seen the parts for sale at parts houses but will cost a few bucks that way.

  • I did not have to change the faceplate whatsoever on my E6530.  I went from a 7mm to a 9.5mm using the part numbers I listed previously.  Perhaps you have the drive upside down??

  • Yeah, I was a bonehead about the faceplate. It works fine.  Dell did send me the bumpers free of charge overnight. Which is above and beyond what I would expect.

    But, honestly, I don't think the bumpers do much.  The drive is held solid at each end. Thus, the bumpers really can't do much as far as shock absorption.  And, lots of laptops don't have any cushions for the drive.  But, I suppose it is better to have it than not.

  • The drives are not 7mm or 9.5mm high - the bumpers are and I can tell you for a fact that the 9.5mm bumpers will not fit the Dell Latitude E6530 - just go ahead and get the 7.0mm bumpers and install them on the drive (L and R). I ordered additional HDs for my E6530 and they all came with 9.5m bumpers and they do not fit. I called dell and they shipped me 7.0m bumpers.