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Dell Vostro 3560 500GB+SSD32GB cannot see SSD 32GB anymore

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Dell Vostro 3560 500GB+SSD32GB cannot see SSD 32GB anymore

This question has been answered by DELL-Rajath N

Hi Dell.

I just got new DELL Vostro 3560 i7 3612QM/8/500+32/Win 8/Silver.

Windows 8 have appeared to be completely basic (no chance to join for workplace Domain nor languages for UI), so, I just deleted it with installation from scratch of normal Windows 8 Professional VLC mode of my company. My experience of such type of activity is started 21 years ago (as from Windows 3.0).

All fine except there is no 32 GB SSD anymore. Windows 8 can see only 8 GB SSD drive (even not allocated).

Same time in BIOS I can still read "SAMSUNG SSD 32GB".

What I did:

1. Setup Windows 8 Pro from Boot DVD.
2. Deleted old partitions as usually.
3. Install to fresh HDD.
4. Did not touch anything in BIOS.
5. Provided HDD drivers from Dell support website (taken from the available from Dell Vostro 3560).

As result I cannot activate IRST (it worked in originally provided Windows 8 Basic and I saw for sure 8 GB + 22 GB of SSD there used for IRST).

Looking at internet I have found another fresh impacted person (despite he uses another OS) with identical symptoms: 

What should I do in order to force Vostro to provide me 32GB SSD back again? All the goal I had when selection given mighty laptop was related to the IRST function, otherwise I do not need it.

Please let me know the solution.


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  • Hi Sergey,

    Please follow the steps provided by me to format the mSATA SSD in the following post to use it for caching:

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rajath N
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
    Order Status :
    Download Drivers :

  • Thank you for your suggestion. I have resolved the case after installing the front end software of IRST. In given fronten I can see that the system uses 22 GB for SSD cache already and 8 GB is shown to the OS.

    I do not know why it allows 8 GB for the OS. Perhaps to give me the chance to use it for Virtual memory. So, I have configured ifxed 4 GB virtual memory set inside the part of given 8Gb and removed from C:

    Thank you.