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Error Code 2000-0142

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Error Code 2000-0142

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I few weeks ago I noticed some odd behavior with my computer. Some programs would start to freeze and then suddenly the whole system froze. The only way to stop it was to turn it off and on again. When I did that I noticed that the computer was taking an awfully long time to boot into windows and so I ran the diagnostics on it. It returned with the error code 2000-0142. Since then I thought it safe to run off a Ubuntu Live CD. I recently red that I could get a replacement Hard Drive without handing in the one that is broke as I really dont want to take the computer apart.

I have a Vostro 360 computer.

I was wondering if I was entitled to this support. I also do not have access to a phone so I cant ring up.

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  • First, you do need a replacement drive.  If your system is under warranty, Dell will send you a drive -- or, if you have onsite service (extra cost warranty at purchase time), dispatch a technician to replace the drive.  The faulty drive will have to be returned to Dell.

    If you don't want to replace the drive yourself, and don't have onsite service, you can purchase a drive yourself and pay someone to install it.  Or, you can buy a an onsite warranty upgrade.

    The hard drive is easily replaced in this system (see page 29 of the owner's manual):

  • just to make sure I know that you know what I know. This computer is a home computer not a business, a family member had bought it for me. I have an initial warranty that runs out in 2 months and an extended warranty which runs out in two years,

    How would I get in contact with Dell so they could send me a drive?

  • Click on "contact" below - you can use email or online chat.