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Blu ray drive code 10

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Blu ray drive code 10

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Monday, I moved a BD drive from its original Dell Studio 540s to my Precision T5400.  It ran fine in the Studio.  Same OS (Win 7 U 64bit).  Other apps freeze if I insert a disc in it.  My Precision is freezing occasionally, so I checked device manager and I see a Error Code 10 device cannot start.

I've tried rebooting, removing from Device Manager, disabling, enabling.

The hardware ID in device properties perhaps suggest the current firmware (C102?).  I cannot find newer firmware.  Entering my Studio Service Tag in driver download at Dell support, does not show this drive (shows seven others).

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  • Hi pcrequest,

    I recommend you to flash BIOS to the latest version by clicking on the link below:

    While flashing BIOS do not use the system till it restarts and comes up to the desktop.

    Please revert for further assistance,

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  • Hi PCRequest,

    You do not need a firmware update. What you need to do is run the upper and lower filter trick (link below).

  • I attempted the upper/lower filter Fixit.  It couldn't detect the problem drive.  The drive doesn't have a drive letter, but does show in the device manager.  The Fixit didn't take any actions because it couldn't detect the drive.

    I updated the system BIOS for various reasons.

    I'm going to try uninstalling the device from Device Manager.  Rebooting now.

  • Still having trouble.  It now shows up as CD-ROM device instead of HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD GBC-H20N...

    I have a second DVDRW drive in there that works fine.  Perhaps I'll disconnect it just to simplify things.

    Any other ideas.

  • You might try deleting your C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\INFCACHE.1 file and rebooting. That will force Windows to rebuild its driver database.

  • No progress.  I shutdown, only plugged in my trouble drive.  It still takes like 10 minutes to boot up.  The BD light blinks intermittently during this time.  After I can finally log in, I can see the full device name in a dialog that drivers are installing (another 5 minutes).  I tried the high low filter FixIt app again, and again it couldn't detect the drive, as before.  It still shows code 10 in the device manager.

    What are the risks of deleting the INFCACHE.1 file?

  • None, as far as I know. The file is regenerated by Windows if it is missing. I think you could rename it if you have concerns about deleting it.

  • Still no progress.  I checked in the BIOS setup, and the full device name string is displayed (HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD GBC-H20N...)  I disabled its SATA port, and reenabled to see if anything happened, but nothing did between reboots.  

    Now I'm trying to rename the INFCACHE.1 as suggested, however, I cannot do it.  I've taken ownership, Full control permissions.  The system won't allow me to rename the file.  But just now, it does allow me to delete.  Which I will now reboot and report the results.

  • Still no progress after deleting INFCACHE.1 and rebooting.  There was no difference in the long bootup time, and long driver installing dialog, and ultimately failure to load driver.  I verified INFCACHE.1 was in the recycle bin before I rebooted.  It was modified 12/15.  The replacement INFCACHE.1 shows last modified ~ten minutes ago.  So I am confident it was deleted.

  • I can see the drive if I set the BIOS from AHCI to ATA.  I boot off non SATA (real RAID) so I didn't mess up my OS booting by doing this.  According to many sources, this is an LG drive.  There is a newer firmware. 102  to 103.  I haven't been able to have it show up prepared to take the newer firmware (boot while holding down eject).  Unknown if this update allows it to work under AHCI which would be preferred.  Didn't get fixed, but i feel like I'm on to something.

  • is one source.  Google GBC-H20N GGC-H20N

  • That's pretty strange. I would go ahead and try the f/w update.

  • Despite a successful firmware update of the drive, I can only use it if the system BIOS is set to ATA and not AHCI.  As AHCI, it takes about 5 minutes to get to the desktop and another 5 minutes after logging in for W7 to fail to install drivers and shows "This device cannot start. (Code10) in device manager. Disappointing.

    I should add, one only needs to hold the eject before powering on.  The system didn't POST until I released the eject button.  Once in Windows, the firmware update utility will recognize the drive properly (as the LQ code, not the Dell code).  Other methods (in other forums) described holding the eject button while reboot, but then never worked for me.

    I obtained the firmware from

    FWIW here's how it looked after fw update

    and Hardware IDs read as follows after update:


    If someone has ideas on getting this drive to work under the AHCI (there should be performance benefits, right?) I'd appreciate it.

  • I began to wonder about the chipset drivers.  This doesn't seem right to me.  All the chipset related items in device manager say they are using a Microsoft driver from 2006.  I ran the latest infinst_autol.exe from  It extracts files, shows a readme.  Then says it's finished.  No reboot prompt?  I reboot anyways and don't see any differences in Device Manager.  I could be on the wrong track too.

    Here's an example.  All devices I check (a lot of them) show same driver page.

  • I think what I see above is normal.  If I rerun the Intel utillity it detects and warns I already have the latest chipset drivers.

    Any ideas on getting the drive to work under AHCI?  The second DVD drive works fine.