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D:\ Application not found

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D:\ Application not found

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I have an issue with drive D: in insption n5110 laptop. I am unable to open drived D. Drive C works fine. I am desperate for help. Please help me as this is a really urgent matter. I do not know what to do about it. When i click on D all it says is: Application not found.

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  • Hi arman_k1,

    I request you to give more information about the problem. If you are trying to use a USB drive or a CD/DVD.

    Assuming the computer has a CD/DVD, I request you to follow the below steps:

    (1)   Insert the Disc

    (2)   Right click and open.

    (3)   If it opens, then try with a different disc as it could be an Autorun issue with this disc.

    (4)   But if the issue happens with all the discs, Please reply to the post with the system model and type of Operating system.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kiran Kumar
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  • Hey Kiran K

    I was reffering to the HDD NTFS partion drive D:\ not the optical drives. The thing which i don't get is how come the BIOS didn't recognise D:\ but recognised C:? It's weird. They are both part of the same, fixed HDD. The problem seems to be fixed now. I clicked on Disk Management and then just deleted drive D:\ and created a new drive. The way all this started is after installing Windows 8 I upgraded my BIOS from the dell download centre and after a reboot partion D:\ could not be accessed. The drivers were fine. the BIOS seemed fine but something about the BIOS upgrade affected access to a partion. I'm just curious if anyone else has experience a similar issues after Windows 8.

  • Hi Arman_k1,

    All that information about installing Windows 8 and the D drive being a second partition on your hard drive was good information that you should have provided in your original message.

    Since there is no way to know what kind of partition your original D drive was (logical, extended, compressed, etc.), I doubt you'll know why Windows 8 didn't recognize it.