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Hard Drive Errors - Targeted Read Test and SMART Short Self Test Failure

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Hard Drive Errors - Targeted Read Test and SMART Short Self Test Failure

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Hi there,


I have two laptops - under warranty - and both are reading failures in their hard drives.  I ran diagnostics on both and my Inspiron is showing error code 0146 (msg. error code 2000-0146) and my Latitude is showing error code 0142 (msg. error code 2000-0142).

Can you please advise.

Thank you.



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  • Hi Margaret,

    Error code 2000-0142 on the Latitude system denotes that the hard drive has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

    The error 2000-0146 on the Inspiron suggests that there were errors in previous diagnostics log and does not necessarily mean that the hard drive has failed.

    To confirm hard drive failure, run the following diagnostics:

    1. Restart the system.
    2. Press F12 at Dell logo to enter the ‘One Time Boot Menu’.
    3. Navigate to ‘Diagnostics’ using the Down arrow key and press enter to launch the diagnostics.
    4. The system diagnostics would start.
    5. Once the initial tests are complete, you will get a prompt asking if you want to run the remaining memory tests. Press ‘N’ to proceed.
    6. Press any key to boot to boot to diagnostics partition.
    7. You will see 3 options- Test System, Test Memory and Exit. Select Test System and press Enter.
    8. The Dell Diagnostics screen will appear. It would list the four options given below:
    • Express Test.
    • Extended Test.
    • Custom Test.
    • Symptom Tree.
    9. Please select ‘Custom Test’ and click on the ‘+’ sight to expand the options. Select ‘Hard Drive’, select ‘Run Quick Test Only’ and click on ‘Run Test’.
    10. Note down any error messages that appear and let me know.

    I am also sending you a private message. Please reply with the Service Tags of both the systems so that I can check the status of warranty. Also provide me with the full name, phone number and the address of the original owner for account verification purposes.

    Please reply in case of any issues. I will be glad to help.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Sounds like you are in good hands with Dell support.  The SMART errors you are seeing in typically a hard drive "early warning" system that is predicting drive death.  It's important to try and copy off all your critical files, assuming the laptops are actually booting.  I suggest picking up a USB external drive to copy the data to.

  • Thank you for the response.

    I am glad that issue with the Inspiron system is being taken care of and technical support is sending an onsite technician to fix the system.

    As the system was purchased in Ireland, I would request you to get in touch with the local support for getting a quick resolution for your Latitude system as well.

    You may contact the Dell Ireland support using the link provided below:


    Please reply if you have any questions.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Thanks for the advice.  I've learnt the hard way before (with external drives) to have a backup of everything so I'm sorted.  And luckily the hard drives didn't just crash and prove to be unbootable.


    All the best.