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Error code: 2000-0146

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I have a lap top XPS  M1530  Bios System A09, when I switch it on I receive : Windows can not repair this computer automatically, unspecified changes to system configuration caused the , error code 0x490.

When I use Pre-Boot system Assessment(PSA) , I get :

error code: 0146

Msg: Error code: 2000-0146

Msg: Hard drive 1: Self test log contains previous e-mail.

Could anyone help me, Thanks a lot


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  • You need a new, 2.5", 9.5 mm SATA notebook hard drive.  Replace the failed drive.  Then you will need to reload the operating system, applications, and restore  your data from  your backups.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply, do you think if I format the hard drive  the problem would be removed

  • No - the drive has a hardware problem.  Yes, you might squeak a few more hours or days out by reloading after reformatting - but is it worth doing that knowing how many hours it takes -- and that the drive is on its way out, so you'll have to do it all over again soon with a new drive, anyway?

  • Thank you

  • Hi Maya2013,

    Welcome to Dell Community.

    Let me first appreciate the fact that you have tried the steps yourself to isolate the problem.

    Error code: 2000-0146 (DST Log contains previous errors) refers to previous errors in the hard drive which might not really be a hardware failure. In order to confirm this, I recommend you to run a custom test on the Hard drive which takes longer time than the Pre-boot System Assessment which you have already performed on the computer but it will give the accurate result.

    Once the Pre-boot System Assessment is completed, the computer will give you an option to “Run the remaining memory test”, please select “No”.  Then the computer will launch the 32-bit Diagnostics from the utility partition (if available).

    After the diagnostics is launched, in the main menu, please click on “Custom Test”, then select the “Hard drive” and click on “Run Tests”. If the test completes without any error then the hard drive is fine and PC Restore can be performed to restore the computer back to the factory condition (which will result in data loss).

    Please refer to the following article for more information on running the Dell 32-bit Diagnostics Utility:

    If you have any further questions feel free to reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    Kalyan S

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  • Janet only thing to do is to adapt the system windows xp, all those that have the windows vista will probemi of the genre, or ask the drive to restart interlock diagniostica menu of your PC. in windows vista lacks many qualities, even in windows 7 to windows 8 and maybe reeds. indotazione to get all the media driver at the time of purchase is your right.Smile

  • Kalyan--hi.

    I've posted this same issue in the Desktop Forum under "Drive Self-Test (DST) log contains previous error(s)".

    After the 2000-0146 (Drive Self Test) code occurs, you don't have any option to continue running the PSA, only to reboot the system. Moreover, I have run the Dell 32-bit Diagnostics from a CD and the Hard drive tests all pass without any error (it is a new drive).

    When you run PSA with no drives present, it gives a different code saying No Hard Drive Found or something, but after connecting the drive, you still see 2000-0146.

    But-- even after clearing the CMOS memory, I am still getting the 2000-0146 code when I run PSA assessment. Can you think of any other way to clear that out? Where is that being saved? It doesn't seem like that should be happening.


  • 2000-0146 (Drive Self Test) can also occur if you have not provided a writeable Disc to check the optical drive.

    Run the LONG Test on Just the hard drive.

    It means the log has Previous Errors.

    Hard Drive

    Remove and reinstall the Hard Drive for the error codes:

    • 1000-0141
    • 2000-0141
    • 1000-0142
    • 2000-0142
    • 1000-0143
    • 2000-0143
    • 1000-0144
    • 2000-0144
    • 1000-0145
    • 2000-0145
    • 1000-0146
    • 2000-0146
    • 2000-0151

    Please see the Service manual for instructions on how to remove and replace the Hard Drive. Be sure to remove and reinstall the cables for the hard drive if you are on a Desktop Computer.

    After reinstalling the hard drive re-run the diagnostics if you receive the same error code

    Contact Us.

    RE Run the Drive Self Test (DST) from the Utility Partition also

    known as the 32 bit diagnostics to determine if the previous error has been corrected.

    If the DST from the Utility Partition does not indicate a failure of the drive,

    we consider the error to have been corrected and the drive does not need to be replaced.

    • 1000-0146
    • 2000-0146

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  • What I dont get is how with the same error code, you guys that work for Dell, keep providing WAY different answers.

  • Hi CarolinaGondra,

    Most of the forum members are volunteers. But let me ask you if you need help with your hard drive. Are you getting this error?

  • HI,

     I own an Inspiron 1525 since Dec. 2008.  I originally performed all the above steps and found my battery was dead and needed replacing,  That was done a few weeks ago after rebooting to factory standards and losing all files.  Computer worked fine.  Three weeks later, system froze while reading an article and cannot reboot.  Windows will attempt to repair the errors, but cannot and it never stops.  It will try repairing for hours.  Ran the same trouble shoot as above, and received the error code 0146, but noted it said log contained previous errors again.  However, I noticed something, (as I did before replacing the battery). The system promoted that memory installed exceeded memory available by 10.  What would cause that?  After rebooting to factory standards previously and replacing the battery with a brand new one the only thing I have done to this laptop is install Norton Anti-virus Protection and downloaded  the new Internet Explorer and that is it.  I rarely use my laptop. I am currectly running MpMemory Version 0462 to see if I have some issues there.  I am sure it's in need of a new hard drive, but  probably time to replace laptop. This happened anyone else?


  • rdy4macomputer

    Error 0146 indicates a failed/failing hard drive or bad drive sector.   This means your hard drive will need to be replaced.


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  • I will try this suggestion and post back.

  • Im talking about the ones that sign with the hashtag #Iworkfordell. Have been looking at the same code and there are all different answers. I had that code, computer would freeze and take forever to load. Tried the diagnostics and got that code and a few more, defragmented, cleaned, etc then I also formatted all of the partitions and installed XP instead of Windows 7 still not working. Had an old Dell so I took the harddrive from that one and put it in my new one. It works fine, whoever, its only 120GB and has Vista which Im not too keen on. Need to save some more money for the new hard drive. 

    A few days before it started acting up I put my laptop in my backpack and traveled by bus, stayed there for a couple of hours and when I went and took it out of my backpack It was on.I had forgotten to turn it off. Could this have caused the damage on the hard drive??

  • Hi CarolinaGondra,

    Error code 0146 indicates the test has detected logs of previous errors on hard drive and this might be a possible hard drive failure. For more decisive results, I recommend you to run a 'Custom Test' on the laptop's 'Hard Drive'. 'Custom Test' is an advanced diagnostic test and is capable of producing more reliable results. Follow the steps listed below to launch the hard drive custom test:

    • Power off the laptop (Ensure that AC Adapter cable is plugged in)
    • Power on the laptop and repeatedly tap <F12> key
    • Select option 'Diagnostics'

    Here are some screen shots demonstrating the progress of the PSA+ Diagnostics: 



    Tap <Y> if color bars appear (Refer to the image above)

    If 2000:0146 error appears, please ignore the message and go ahead with the testing

    Tap <No> to launch 32 bit Diagnostics (Following screen appears):


    From the factory the system's 'hard drive' will include a hidden partition with 32 bit Dell Diagnostics. After the completion of basic diagnostic process, you will be asked to continue to this Diagnostics program. If for some reason the hidden partition is not found on the hard drive, you will be presented with the option to insert the Resource DVD. Following screen appears in that case:


    If required, use the Resource CD and follow the steps given below:

    • Insert Recovery CD
    • Shut down and restart the desktop
    • When Dell logo appears, immediately tap <F12> repeatedly

    Note: If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft Windows desktop; then shut down your computer and try again.

    • When the boot device list appears, highlight the option CD/DVD/CD-RW and press <Enter>
    • Boot from CD-ROM from the menu that appears and press <Enter>
    • This message appears ‘Press any key to boot from the CD’
    • Promptly hit <Enter>
    • Note: If you wait too long and Dell Diagnostic screen does not appear, then, shut down your computer and repeat all steps.

    (Following screen appears): 

    • Press <Enter> 
    • When the Dell Diagnostics main menu appears, select the test you want to run
    • Select Custom Test (Refer to image below)

    • Click <+> sign besides 'Hard Drive' (Refer to image below)
    • Highlight 'SATA Disk'
    • Place a tick mark in 'Non-Interactive Tests Only'
    • Click 'Run Test'

    • For any problem encountered during a test, a message appears with an error code and a description of the problem
    • Write down the error code and problem description exactly as it appears

    If the tests passes and you want to use the same hard drive, you can format the hard drive and can perform an Operating system re-installation. Before you proceed, I will advise you to take a complete backup your data (pictures, music, applications, videos, documents) if possible. As this step leads to complete data loss. Remove all the external peripherals (like printers, scanners, any USB device except keyboard and mouse) connected to your computer. For more information on this, you can refer to link: 

    Please reply for further clarifications.  

    Thanks and regards,
    DELL-Chinmay S
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