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Raid volume failed on a non Raid HD set up

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I'm a rookie so please bear with me as I try to explain the problem.

After unplugging all the boards, hard drive connectors, and removing the battery out of the mother board trying to trouble shoot a separate issue (blinking amber power button light if this is at all related) I plugged everything back as it was and powered it up.

Right after the initial Dell screen, instead of the OS booting up (Windows XP pro) I got this prompt: ID: 0, Name: Array, Level:Raid0 (stripe), Strip:128K, Size:298.0GB, Status: Failed, Bootable:No. Two hard drives listed below that, one with the OS installed is a 160 gb, and another 1tb drive that I use for data storage.

Its been a while, but when I initially had this machine set up I requested no Raid. Being that the drives are different size I don't have either Raid0 or Raid1, so trying to figure out what happened and how can I resolve this. I ran the HD diagnostic test and both drives passed. I also did the Ctrl-I to reset to non-raid setting but am afraid to go further as it's saying I will loose all data. will I? Has the bios reset to the default settings after I unplugged everything and thats what causing the issue? What needs to be done to correct this with out loosing any data, assuming nothing got wiped out?

Please let me know if this is enough info to go by. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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