Where do I find the download for Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter driver or equivalent thereof?

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Where do I find the download for Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter driver or equivalent thereof?

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Where can I find a download for Broadcom Virtual Wirelss Adapter driver, I need to reinstall mine as it refuses to update. There is a problem with it.

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  • PS: I have Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit OS, I use Mozilla Firefox

  • Go here ... support.dell.com/.../index.aspx

    Enter your system information and it will yield the drivers and downloads for your system.

  • My computer keeps crashing. I noticed this message "windows cannot install MS virtual WIFI miniport adaptor"", and there is an error 31. I googled what to do for error 31 only to discover I have already tried followed those steps with no luck.

    I have already downloaded all the recomended downloads on the Dell website, but then my computer crashed again.

    Also I got a message to say I must disable cashing and shadowing in my BIOS setup. When I went in there, I discovered my setup is locked (I don't remember locking it), but anyway, there doesn;t appear to be any option there to put in a pasword to unlock it?

    I decided to try Spyware Terminator, but my PC still crashed again, so I tried to uninstall it, but I got this message that it cannot be uninstalled because this is missing: unins000.msg, so I did a search for it and it is not on my PC. I tried to google it to download it or learn more, but could not find any useful help.

    I also get this message "There is a problem with your Broadcom Wireless Adapter, reinstall its driver". I tried to update its driver, no luck. I went to the Broadcom website and could not find it there with a search and emailed their support several times with no reply.

  • Hi Makup4art,

    This forum is for questions about disk drives. Let me suggest you post your software question in the Microsoft OS forum. Be sure to provide the version of Windows you are using. If you are receiving a blue screen error, be sure to post the exact error.

    Good luck!