Unable to eject CD from slot load drive (no tray)

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Unable to eject CD from slot load drive (no tray)

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I have a Dell Insiron that had a drive die on me and am now trying to re-format and re-install Windows. The system currently has no OS. 

The issue is that the slot load CD / DVD drive has eaten my DVD and won't give it back. 

1. Boot the machine

2. Press the eject button on the top of the keyboard

3. CD drive whirs and clicks and then keeps spinning for about 15 seconds and then stops spinning

This drive does not have a tray like other CD drives, it is just a slot load where you feed the CD directly into the machine. And I can't find a paper clip hole to try and manually eject.

So now I can't re-format because I can't get my DVD out! 

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Machine is a Dell Insprion 1318.

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  • There is still usually an emergency-eject hole or button -- usually on the back of the drive.  To look for it you'll need to remove the drive from the system.


  • Wow, looks like a bit of work. But seems like the only answer! Thanks ejn63, I will try it out and will let you know how it goes!

    More info for other people with the same issue:

    Read somewhere else in the forums that updating the BIOS may work for some machines. But my BIOS is latest for my machine, A06.

    Also may be another issue with this machine as well. Since trying to get the BIOS to boot to the drive is not working, it doesn't seem to recognize the Windows installer DVD. Even F12 during boot does not show the CD/DVD drive.

  • Started going through instructions, looks like a one hour job. I won't have time to do this now, will wait till the weekend.

  • You might want to have a new drive on hand - it sounds like yours is bad.

  • OK... I have to start by saying OMG what a crazy procedure to remove a disc! I thought it was a joke at first having to remove the LCD, keyboard, palm rest, ... but yes it was all needed to get to the dvd drive. I wasn't expecting this to go smoothly and yes my worst fear has happened... it won't power up now. (yes all you computer experts can now roll your eyes at me)

    When I attempt to power up the machine not much is happening. Power light comes on, it does it's usual light up the media buttons, num luck light is on but nothing happens with the monitor... pure black. After about 30 seconds I notice the webcam LED flashes twice. But still nothing. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

    Everything went smoothly with the exception of one nasty connector. Highlighted as #3 under step 9 under: support.dell.com/.../palmrest.htm . When I was putting it back together the cable bent in half, I thought it was alright, but now I'm guessing maybe not.

  • Some good news / bad news.

    Connected the laptop up to an external monitor and it is working perfectly fine on the external monitor. So it looks like I messed up the connection to the LCD screen somehow.

    I double checked the display cable connector, highlighted as #2 in step 7 of these instructions:


    Still nothing is coming up on the LCD. Any suggestions?