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Dell Zino 410 HD Hard Disk Upgrade

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Dell Zino 410 HD Hard Disk Upgrade

This question has been answered by osprey4

Hi, I am looking to upgrade my Zino from its current HD to a 2TB HD and was wondering if anyone has successfully done this, and if so what HD type would I need.

I would like to put SATA 2 7200rpm 2TB drive in and have heard that it should be no more than 8w.

I would also like to reinstall the OEM version of Win 7 64bit that came with the ZINO and also PowerDVD that was bundled in so as to keep Blu-Ray Playback. I believe that I can keep this using System Recovery Media on the new HD. Is this the Case?

Any advice is appreciated.

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  • Hi Jimbob178,

    Should be no problem running an SATA 3 Gb/s drive on that system. Yes, you should be able to use the system recovery discs (these are the ones you created when you first got your system, correct?). But the partition will be limited to the original size.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply! Yes the disc was created when I first got the Zino. Will do some hard drive shopping then and give it a go.


  • My 1tb hdd has failed, and I can't boot up. What do I do?!?

  • Okay,let's up the ante: How about a 4Tb Western Digital red drive?


    Will this have noise, speed or heating issues?

    My thinking is 1Tb for the system and restore partitions and 3Tb for data.

    Is there software you recommend for migrating the existing system, rather than reinstalling?