I have a Dell Precision 690 and I'm trying to hook up the hard drives in the right order. The documentation says that they need to go into the HDD labeled slots on the motherboard but they don't work. The only slots that do work are the SATA slots. I have tested five SATA drives but I can only get three to work on the three SATA slots instead of the four HDD slots and the extra SATA slot like the book says to do.

I've tried enabling the SAS controller under BIOS : didn't matter if it was on or off. I've determined that AHCI cannot be enabled, it has to be ATA.

In the end I need to be able to have five hard drives total. Four in the HDD slots and one in the SATA slot. (Which will be 1 SATA for the OS and 4 SAS for RAID.) I realize that the HDD_0,1,2,3 slots are for SAS/SATA use but I can't get them too work. 

Also, I dont' know if this matters or not, but it's got Windows XP Professional x64. The BIOS is A05 and I know an update is A08, I haven't done that yet though.

Anywhere I can find some hardware help would be much appreciated.

--E.Avalon (Please help.)