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burn my dvd on my laptop and play it on my laptop but it will not play in my dvd player.

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burn my dvd on my laptop and play it on my laptop but it will not play in my dvd player.

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 I can burn a dvd on my laptop computer and I can play the dvd on the laptop. If I try to play the dvd in my dvd player that is connected to my television, It will not play in the player.  I can burn the same dvd in my daughters laptop it will play in my laptop and it will play in my dvd player. So I know that it is not the dvd player. please help

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  • Hi Bell155,

    We cannot help unless you provide the details of your system, OS, the brand of blank DVD, the program you are using to burn discs, etc.

  • my operating system is windows 7 I am using windows movie maker the brand of cd is imation dvd-r 16x


  • infact any dvd that is burned in this computer will not play in any dvd player but they will play in other computers

  • Ok, I want you to check the disc structure. With a DVD in your drive, open My Computer and then right click the DVD drive and select Open in new window. You should see two folders, Video_TS and Audio_TS. Then double click the Video_TS folder and tell me if your see the VOB, IFO and BUP files.

  • DVD -R is the most compatable.

    DVD +R and DVD +R Dual Layer is the Least compatable.

    Most NEWER dvd players will play all the types of media.

    Blue RAY Media will not play on analog televisions even with a compatable player because it requires Digital encryption.


    This is also why laptops with VGA out will not play Blue Ray Disks on the VGA output port.

    You will need an HDCP compatable TV and DVD player for some disks.

    Also Burning at speeds faster than 1X or 2X can cause disks to not play in older TVs

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  • Hi Speedstep,

    In theory, -R is more compatible, but it really depends on the model. I use Verbatim DVD+R exclusively to make instructional DVDs for the ballet school where my wife works, and have never had anyone come back to complain that the disc did not work. The OP uses Imation, which are second rate quality. So I suspect that's at least part of the problem.

  • It is true Imation discs are 2nd / 3rd rate media.

    Verbatim is very good, but people are reporting that the new discs are being made in India and are not as of good quality as those they bought in the past.

    Anyway, I suspect that the main reason that the DVDs don't play in the regular players is because the OP's DVDs are not authored to be DVD videos with the directory structure that has the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders.

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  • That is my suspicion, too.

    Anyway, back to the draft... Surprise

  • Sony 9" Portable DVD Player DVP-FX97/DVPFX97 is the most popular brand of DVD player. Sony is the most reliable brand ever.. I am having this one..

    I turned down brightness at the suggestion of another owner to see if it would improve battery life. I saw little, if any difference. I ran a two hour movie, and had very little battery life remaining.