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Drive won't read blank CDs

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When I attempt to burn a blank CD, my drive will whir and click for a few minutes, then eject the CD and tell me to 'Please insert a blank disc'. This happens both in Windows Media Player and iTunes. The drive still recognizes both written CDs and DVDs. I looked for updates to the drives, to see if that was the problem, but was told that they were up to date. I ran the drive troubleshooting program on the Microsoft website, and it said the problem was that the 'media on the disc was not writable'. Except, I've tried multiple blanks from a stack of Memorex discs that I've used without a problem on this computer (an Inspiron 1525) before, and each one is rejected. I put a few in the stereo to see if I had used them and simply failed to label them. They're definitely blank. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Has my computer just gotten finicky about these Memorex discs or is there a bigger problem?

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