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Optiplex gx280 reading DVD burner as a CD drive

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Optiplex gx280 reading DVD burner as a CD drive

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Ive googled and googled.... read tons of post and Im still stumped by this one.

I removed a DVD burner from a different computer I have and my Dell optiplex 280 wont let me burn a disc with it.

It shows it as a DVD-Rom not burner....but when I insert a blank disc it changes the symbol to CD Drive. 

The DVD burner did work previously....and Ive also tried installing another working burner, but that one does the same exact thing.

Ill put all my info below..... and list what Ive already tried. Ill try anything though... I cant figure this out


Dell Optiplex 280  running XP professional

Pentium 4  CPU 3.6Ghz and 2 gigs of DDR2 ram

The burner is a Lite-on Hap422. Also in the tower is a LG GH22 DVD drive.

I have the burner set to master and the DVD rom to slave..... (I also tried reversing and it didnt fix anything)

2HD installed 75gig WD and a 500 gig WD

The power supply is a 305w


Things Ive tried

-switching master/slave settings

-uninstall and re-installing

-flashed both drives and reinstalled

-googled the codecs for both drives and updated all

-removed both upper and lower filters

-swapped in a different dvd burner (did the same thing)

-updated DivX

-downloaded the Dell driver manager


Any help is appreciated


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  • Hi Crazyderik,

    Well, of course every DVD burner is also a CD drive. So maybe you can explain what the problem is.

    And please don't try fixing anything else. You might create more problems.

  • That is true Stick out tongue

    The problem is the drive shows as a CD drive and will not burn DVDs. It WILL play DVDs...but if blank DVD media is inserted it dosnt recognize it.

    Ive tried 2 different brands and both + and - (drive is dual format)

  • I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution? I've tried different drives(internal and external) reinstalled a billion times but it still doesn't burn dvds. I might crack it open and start doin voltages checks on the mother board. Its driving me nuts. If I fix it I'll post it.

  • Hi Damionhellstorm,

    In order to suggest help, I need you to provide the model of your Dell, your operating system, and a more detailed description of your problem.

  • Its a Optiplex GX280. I'm using XP. I can play DVDs but I can't burn them. Once I put any DVD in the drive it will read it as a CD.I've tried multiple DVD burner drives. Internal Ide and external usb.  All burners work on other PCs. I've changed cord connectors. I've uninstalled drivers and rest. I've tried different programs. I've tried almost everything but wiping the slate clean and starting over. That's a lot of work. I'd like to avoid it if I can. Any Ideas?

  • What program are you using to burn the blank DVD?  Windows XP cannot recognize a blank DVD because the XP burning function is only for CDs.  Third-party software is required to burn a DVD.