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CD DVD DH-6e2s spec

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CD DVD DH-6e2s spec

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Can't find anywwhere the complete specification of the follwing CDROM/DVD drive:

PLDS DVDRWBD DH-6E2S (This is what is shows in Windows7), the invoice doesn't say much item number 313-8917 Blue Ray combo

I want to know RW speed of CD, RW speed of DVD, does it burn double layer, is it really blue-Ray?



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  • Lessard14,

    The PLDS DH-6e2s is a 6x DVD burner, Blu-Ray reader combo drive.  For more information on the capabilities of the drive burning and reading CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, you can download the drive manufacturer's PlexUtilities here: .

    Hope this info helps.