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cd won't play

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cd won't play

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Hi, I have a HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-H73N ATA Device on a inspiron 530 desktop. New in Dec. 2008. I have upgraded the driver. I can play dvd but not a cd. can't burn a cd either. Ran the MS fix it center and didn't say anything specific. Device status is ok. PC originally came with vista premium, upgraded to windows 7 premium. Thank you!  Terry

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  • It is possible that the CD laser has failed while the DVD laser is still functioning.
    Check this by running the Dell Custom Diagnostics for the drive.  The Diagnostics should
    be accessible by pressing F12 while the blue Dell shows at start-up of the computer.
    Have a data CD (not music CD) in the drive when you run the Diagnostics read test.

  • Hi skybird,  I ran the test and got an error code 0F00:281A.  I used a software install cd. The test kept asking me to insert a data cd.  so I tried a few different software install cd's. None of them would work for the test. so thats where I am know. Thank you for helping. Terry

  • You have verified that the CD laser has failed while the DVD laser stills works.
    You will need to replace the drive.  If you are under warranty, contact Dell.
    Otherwise, any standard SATA drive can be installed as a replacement.

  • Thanks again for your help.