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Dell Alienware M15X laptop DVD drive not working!

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Dell Alienware M15X laptop DVD drive not working!

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I tried to install my new 007 Blood Stone DVD, but after some strange noise like my dvd rom tried to read the dvd, its nothing happened, and the my computer shown my dvd drive is empty, even if my dvd was in. I can eject the DVD, but i do any time, it can't read dvd. I tried cds and dvds to read, the cds is working, dvds not working. I updated firmware, driver, everything, tried diagnostic, found no error, tried run troubleshooter, it said, disc not supported for all my dvds.

I have Windows 7 64bit and TSST corp DVD+-RW TS-T633C drive

Please help me! I need my DVD working!

sorry my english, but im hungarian. I thanks any help!



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  • Hi Lesliebon007,

    Please run the CD/DVD fix (link below).

  • Thanks for the reply. I checked the links you gave me, The programs nero tool, and the DVD indentifier can't find my DVD, but find the CDs. Always said this

    ERROR : Unable To Initialize Disc In Time : Not ready - Medium not present [02/3A/01]

    the troubleshooter said, disc is not supported, or no disc in the drive.

    The only thing i didin't try is the upper lower filters trick. I have fears i damage the laptop maybe. Can you give me help what i need to delete and where? Thanks. and by the way, any CD works without any problem..I confused.


  • I said to try the MS CD/DVD fix. The link is below. This is a tool from Microsoft, so it is safe.

  • I got the same problem. My M15x wont read any cd/dvd. I tryed to run the MS CD/DVD fix  but it just sait it didn't recognized the cd. Is there anything else to try?

  • I have the same Problem with that same drive but its a slotload, but here is where my problem differs it wont read the ALIENWARE WINDOWS 7 PREIUM INSTALL DISC or the RESOURCE DISC but it will read cds just fine and read most dvd r's except for the rescue disk i made when i got the laptop, and my recovery partion is there but will not recover factory image.. t it blue screened when i stuck the install dvd in the drive and cut off and wouldnt boot up then i manged to use my mothers copy of win7 32 bit and it booted from the disc and installed nothing is there no alien sense the ram isnt reconnized only 2g out of 6 ,cpu not reconnized nothing is as it was and cant get it back ,12 days left on warrenty and i keep getting told to call back tomarrow. i hope  someone will help

  • Same issue here as well: the TS-T633C optical drive in my Alienware M15x is not reading DVDs at all. My older laptop reads the same disks without any problems. I happen to live in Hungary, just like the OP, and I didn't notice the problem with the DVD drive for a very long time, since I wasn't using DVDs for anything.

    But when I did, I took matters into my own hand, and ordered a replacement drive of the same model on my own cost. Using the Alienware M15x service manual I carefully replaced the drive in my laptop, which in fact was working fine from this point for half a year, when it suddenly decided to fail again with the exact same symptops.

    The warranty on the laptop is expired by now, so I'm thining about ordering a similar 12.7 slot-in drive, but from a different vendor. My conclusion is, that the samsung TS-T633 drive is simply bad quality, and an epic fail. Don't even bother, just throw it away, like garbage.

  • Thanks for the tip. When in Hungary, don't buy the TS-T633.

  • same here my m15x r2 wont read any dvd or cd , tried tools but wont reconize any disks, i think i need to replave drive, also what kind of dvd drive i need to purchase? or blu ray drive? any model i need to look for? any help please

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