Computer will not recognize my cd ROM drive on my computer

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Computer will not recognize my cd ROM drive on my computer

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I had to install a new hard drive everything went ok until it did not recognize the CD rom drive or D: drive so I could download other programs. Anyone had a similar problem?? Thanks Duane

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  • CD-ROM not recognized?  Do you mean it does not appear in My Computer?
    Or do you mean it will not read discs?

    What is the operating system you have installed?

  • Both it does not register in my computer and it will not read discs. I have windows XP Home Edition OS . I have tried several drives all in good working order. Thannks Duane

  • Look in the Device Manager .....

    Click on the (+) next to DVD/CD-ROM drives.  Right-click the drive and select Properties.
    Is there an Error Code (number) present?

  • If this is a laptop then try removing the optical drive and reinstalling it. If a desktop then I would suggest you recheck that the power and sata/ide connector to the optical drive is secure.

  • I am having same problem.. dell not recognizing its cd rom.  It doesnt show up in Device Manager or and brosing options.  Error code was 39 prior to it disappearing.  I tried to update driver software, it told me it was updated, now cd rom doesnt show up at all.

  • Hi USte,

    Please click the link below to run the upper and lower filter trick on your system.

    If Fix-it tells you there is no drive, then click my troubleshooting guide below and follow the instructions to run the Dell diagnostics on your drive with a data disc in the drive. This will test the drive to see if there is any hardware failure. Let me know if the drive passes or fails.

  • Hi, I had to do it twice but eventually after installing then troubleshooting, it worked! Thank you!!!

  • Excellent!