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DVD-ROM drive for Inspiron 530S.

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DVD-ROM drive for Inspiron 530S.

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I have the Inspiron 530S, bought 11/01/2009.  I have already had a replacement drive in June 2009, and now the replacement drive (tsstcorp ts-h653f) has failed.

I have performed all diagnostics, deleted the filters etc etc.  

I have a couple of questions -

If I have to buy a replacement DVDROM drive, I don't really want another TSSTcorp one, after having two fail within 18 months.  There don't seem to be any compatible ones listed if I go to "parts and upgrades" for my 530s.  Can anyone tell me a reliable and compatible alternative -16x or even 24x  (I don't know the difference, but presume 24x is better!) 

Not sure if you can answer this one -  I cannot find a description of my "5 day consumer support"  warranty in the service descriptions.   If I go to "system information" it states that I have a 1-year limited warranty collect and return and a 2 year in home warranty support.  Does anyone know what this means?  I don't really wanted to ring Dell and start asking them directly as I am bound to be diverted to someone trying to sell me an extended warranty!! 

Thanks. Smile


PS I have already emailed Dell and am awaitng a reply. 


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  • Hi Kate296,

    You drive is covered by the warranty so I'm hesitant to recommend you do anything but request a replacement drive from Dell. If you were no longer under warranty, you could get pretty much any SATA DVD burner as long as it operates in the vertical position. But the chance of three of these going bad are remote so don't feel bad about asking for another one.

  • Did you receive any response from Dell regarding this ? You can also send me a private message with your service tag or order number, I will be glad to help you.



  • Thanks for your replies,

    Dell hasn't replied yet,  I emailed them Saturday morning (GMT), so I am hoping for a reply soon! 



  • If you get tired of waiting I would suggest you use Dell's Live Chat Tech Supt. It is much quicker and more reliable than email.


    Have your service tag handy.

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  • I am still waiting for an answer. i don't seemto have a option to PM Tulsi G, only to follow or add as a friend.

    I might have a go at the live chat later.  i haven't had a chance yet, in between work and a two year old!!!