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DVD RW drive won't read CD's

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DVD RW drive won't read CD's

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I need help. My disk drive (an HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GA 31N A102) just stopped reading CD's and CDROMs. I was in the middle of a game installation, and the progress bar stopped, and the whole process went dead. Further tests revealed that the drive would read DVD's, but no other type of disc (audio, CD-ROM, burned data etc.). Windows reports no problems with the hardware of any kind. This happened once before after I ripped about six CD's to Win Media Player, but it solved itself after a few days and several reboots. For reference, I using a Studio 1547 with Windows 7 Home Premium that is only one month old.

I have tried several fixes which include the following:

Full virus scans with McAfee Security, Spybot and AdAware,

Deleting High and Low filters from the registry,

Uninstalling the drivers for the unit and allowing Windows to reinstall them

I tried to downdate the firmware (version A102) to version A101 in hopes it would reset the drive, but the automated installation failed,

I even updated my BIOS to the most current version and then rolled back my computer with system restore to before the problem started.

Right before the problem started occurring, I installed Quicktime, but that has been the only recent software change.

Thanks for the help.

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  • It is possible that the CD laser has failed while the DVD laser is still functioning.
    Test the CD laser by running the Dell Diagnostics on the drive if it is on your hard
    drive.  Press F12 at startup while the blue Dell shows on the screen.  This will enter
    the boot menu.  Choose Utility Partition or Diagnostics.  Run the Custom Test on the
    drive and have a data DVD (not movie DVD) ready for the test.

  • I ran the boot diagnostics and it turns out the CD laser is bad. I got error codes 0147 during the initial diagnostics and error code 0F00 286F during the drive specific tests. Thanks for the advice. Guess I have to dig out my warranty and get it replaced. Hard to believe it was faulty, even after only a month of use. Thanks for the advice.

  • It happens, Dell will usually send you a drive fairly quickly.  Best regards.