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SAMSUNG 256 gb SSD Firmware Update for Windows 7 TRIM?

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SAMSUNG 256 gb SSD Firmware Update for Windows 7 TRIM?

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Does anyone have an idea how to get the updated Firmware for the Samsung 256gb SSD?  My current firmware is VMB19D1Q - which does not support TRIM.  I have reached out to Samsung who sends me back to Dell and Dell seems not to know when Samsung is releasing the firmware.  I have a copy of an email where a Samsung person says the firmware for this drive has been released to Dell.  Any assistance - please ?  When paying this much money for these drives - I did not expect them to have flaws before I purcahsed.


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  • Same question here.  My current firmware is a really old version VBM15D1Q although the drive was only purchased a couple months ago, guess I received old stock.  I'm using the drive in a XPS Studio 16 and need a flash utility that will recognize and update the drive installed in the laptop, and firmware that supports TRIM or at least some form of garbage collection. 

    HDDErase won't work on the Dell laptop, so no way to restore performance that way.

    Corsair has already released a beta version for the P256 but it will not recognize the Dell drive even though they are both identical Samsung PM800 units.  I suspect their updater looks for a specific Corsair hardware ID.  OCZ has a version also but they will only update if you ship the drive to them.  C'mon Dell...!



  • Corsair got it for the P256 (same Samsung SSD). It is VBM19C1Q (

    Dell should release the same FW for their OEM drives

  • An update:

    Corsair, OCZ, Lenovo, and have release firmware updates for the Samsung 256GB SSD.  None of the update utilities will recognize the Dell drive, at least the one I have with VBM15D1Q firmware.  Dell and/or Samsung need to release an appropriate DOS-level utility to perform the flash.  The VBM19C1Q firmware in these releases does support TRIM, but there is no way as of now to update the drive with it.


  • Here is somewhat of an update from Samsung.  I contacted them directly after all of the Dell representives said they did not know about a Samsung FW update for this drive.  Note that the only way for the drive to be updated is by sending back to the manufacturer.  This is something that I believe Dell should address directly.  As of now, every tech I speak with does not know about the drive or Firmware.  I was hoping this would be a good forum to get in touch with Dell with an accurate response.


    Thank you for your inquiry to Samsung Semiconductor.

    Again, we did not sell that type of drive to general customer on the market as explained earlier. Please send us your proof of invoice as you commented. We´ll review your source of purchase and provide the service accordingly.

    As explained, VBM19D1Q FW drive can not be updated to Trim FW because it configured as DELL specific design. The only way to update the FW is we have to reset the drive in the factory.

    And I´m supervising all of SSD technical support in Samsung US and please contact in here if you have any further question.

    If you have any further questions, please send us more question again or visit our Homepage(

    Semiconductor Business
    Samsung Electronics Co,.Ltd.

  • I also have the VBM19D1Q Firmware and would like to know when Dell is going to release an update for both my SSD drives.

    I hope the note from Samsung stating the drive would have to be factory reset is not true, unless Dell plan to exchange drives

  • Yep - ditto the other requests here.

    I'm also a Samsung SSD PM800 owner on Windows 7 and really want to see TRIM.

    I suspect DELL have sold many machines with these drives, and the only reason they're not being barraged by requests is that most users aren't aware of how much they want/need TRIM.

  • I got my XP16 in October with a PM800 and with firmware VMB19D1Q. Having just upgraded to Windows 7 I'd also like to lobby DELL for a firmware upgrade.


  • I was able to upgrade my Dell OEM SSD to VBM19C1Q which supports TRIM by downloading fimrware and update tool from here -

    The update tool did not recognize the SSD drive on my XPS 13 or M1330 or Latitude D630 but worked on a Latitude D620. It sucks that the tool is so finicky. Hopefully you guys can find a machine that works with the tool and update your firmware too.

  • Samsung have a firmwareupdate on the page:

    But I have troubles on me E6400 to update the firmware. :-(
    The tool dosen't find the ssd.


  • Did somebody succeed in updating it's VBM15D1Q firmware?

    Any news from DELL about the release of their update ?



  • I Started the thread and there has not been anything new.  Others have tried to force another F/W update to their SSDs.  The majority of people seem not to succeed and only a couple have worked.  But nothing on our specific F/W.  The last note I received from Samsung is below.  This is truly unacceptable.  Many of us have paid a lot of money for these SSDs which were flawed as they left the manufacturer.  Though I understand it is a new technology, it is unacceptable that the hard drive has a drastic reduction in speed over time - this is why we have all purchased the SSD.  I am completely blown away because DELL has yet to respond with any real answser (besides they do not know and are waiting on Samsung).




    From: SemiWebmaster []
    Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 5:19 AM
    Subject: Re: Firmware Support for Samsung PM800 SSD


    Hello ,
    Thank you for your inquiry to Samsung Semiconductor.

    My colleagues from the US will answer to you as they followed this issue from the beginning.

    If you have any further questions, please send us more question again or visit our Homepage(

    Semiconductor Business
    Samsung Electronics Co,.Ltd.


  • Thank you for your answer.

    I totally agree with SSD is becoming totally unresponsive and HDD intensive tasks almost freeze the system out...

    I read somewhere that Samsung confirmed they transmitted the firmware to DELL in early december, so DELL should not have to wait for anything...

  • In response to your thread.


    1)   I posted the emails to the thread and have copies, so this is true.  I am more than happy to forward to DELL for verification. 

    2)  Based on my personal review of different technical articles (notebookReview), people have tried to update the F/W themseleves using F/W udpate tools that were NOT made for Dell.  As I said earlier it seems some have had success but most have not.  I myself tried and was not able to the F/W to update.


    I agree, I purchased two drives from DELL, and all I want is to update the drives F/W or exchange for ones that have TRIM support.  Whenever I speak with DELL (several times, many techs - I have all of the logs) they all say that they are not really familiar with the problem - and are not sure if DELL or Samsung will have a F/W update.  When I talked about sending the drives back as defective, they could not verify is the new drive they would send would have the most current F/W update.  Which is kind of useless.  That will probably be my next option - to send the drive back to DELL in exchange for another SSD and hope for the most recent F/W. 


    Like you - I am highly disappointed in the response or no response from DELL - these are very expensive drives.  To your point if we could get a bunch of us to contact DELL we may have better luck.

  • I just wanted to post in here as another customer that is very frustrated with this whole process.  Dell needs to make an update for this.  These drives are very expensive and are supposed to perform amazingly.  However without this update the drive's life will diminish significantly. I have contacted dell and so absolutely nobody has any idea what I'm talking about.  I am very dissapointed.


    Please dell read this thread and realize that there are a lot of people that have purchased defective drives desprately needing firmware updates.  I do not think that this will be a challenging problem to address.

  • Hi there,

    one more customer here asking himself why he paid a lot of money for a "High Performance SSD" which is then getting slower and slower everyday. I got the Studio XPS 1645 model mid of Dec.