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Want to install a second Hard Drive Disk in Optiplex GX620 (Horizontal model) module bay.

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Want to install a second Hard Drive Disk in Optiplex GX620 (Horizontal model) module bay.

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Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I searched all over eBay and on this Dell site and the internet for four days now for a caddy or tray to install my SATA II HDD in the module bay as a second HDD. My Dell Optiplex GX620 desktop is a horizontal model and I know the reference guide for this computer mentions the module bay can be used for DVD/CDRW drive, a floppy disk drive or a second SATA Hard Drive. I saw that the motherboard can support two SATA HDD, there are two plugs assigned "SATA 0" and "SATA 2", the first is already plugged and wired to the existing Master Hard Drive, and the second is not used yet. Does anyone here know where I can get this module caddy designed to support a second hard drive? Also, I need to know if there ever had been any issues in dealing with the BIOS detecting both HDD so I can boot into either one of them, with Linux OS to be installed into the second HDD and with Windows XP already in the first HDD? Thanks for your time and I will keep track of this thread for any new leads.

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  • Hi, truffy:

    Your manual  <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>shows the system supports two hard drives, but you might have to sacrifice the CD drive. Alternatively, an external hard drive would seem to be the way to go. This is the desktop model. Is that what you have?

    All of your questions are answered on that page. Does that help?

  • Thanks for this documentation osprey4, I looked at it before but didn't bother to scroll down to the bottom re: hard drive installation. You will notice the document says an optional second hard drive can be installed, but it did not mention the module bay (or whatever that bay is) where the floppy disk drive can be and there is a space (between the lower HDD and upper CDRW) where I can install it. I have no floppy disk drive and there is some space between the lower master HDD and the upper CDRW, and I want to use it if possible for a second HDD. The problem is the documentation does not mention how or what pieces are required to get this done, and I can't find the information anywhere else on the internet. Does anyone know how?

  • If the floppy bay is available, then it shouldn't be too difficult to fit it in there.

    Just a bit of ingenuity on your part and a couple screws should do the trick. Big Smile

  • Now I'm wondering if it is proper to just simply install 4 screws into the sides of the HDD (similar to the floppy disk drive installation instruction) and slide this in the rails of the floppy bay? I can't seem to find any other way to do this. If anyone has better ideas, I'm all ears.

  • It has been mounted the floppy disk way and it seems to work! I had to reconfigure the bios setting and format the disk, so everything seems good! Thanks!

  • Hi, Truffy:

    Excellent! Glad you've got the new drive up and running.

  • Hi there !

    I want to add 1TB hard drive (SATA) . my system is Dell optiplex gx 620 small form factor .

    please guide me my pc support two hard drives or not ??? if not then what should i do ??