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error code 2000-0146

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error code 2000-0146

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i own dell inspiron 1525 issue is i whenever i tried to install xp pack2, it shows "you don't have harddisk drive installed in your computer......", though my xp cd and harddisk drive is ok and running fine. when i run the daignostic test, it shows error code-0146 and msg-error code 2000-0146.

please help me out to solve this problem.


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  • The error codes refer to a faulty hard drive.  You'll need a 2.5" 9.5 mm SATA notebook drive to replace the failed unit.


  • where i'll get that from? i mean can you tell me where is the service centre in Kolkata city in India and what would be the cost?

  • You'll need to price it locally yourself.  Any computer vendor will have a drive that will work - it's a completely standard 2.5' SATA notebook drive.


  • there is no need to buy spcifically the dell's one?? any company's drive will work?? and after buying how will i open my laptop and put the new one??

  • No, there is no such thing as a Dell hard drive.


  • one more thing i want to dvd drive takes hell lot of time to read a blank dvd but it reads other dvds normally...and while reading disks it makes sounds like something is scratching the disk...

  • Unless it is scratched when you remove it, there's no problem - and yes, it can take a while for a blank disc to be recognized, since Windows will try to read it and only when it fails, give up and report it as blank.


  • but the main problem is i can't write any thing on the dvds...but for the cds its ok....i use nero 8 or 9 software to write on the when i try to write any thing on the disk it just eject the tray with a msg burning failed.......

  • That would suggest the DVD laser has failed -- you will need to replace the drive.