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HP Lightscribe DVD burner not picked up by system

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HP Lightscribe DVD burner not picked up by system

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Please can somone help me as my HP dvd drive is not picked up on my pc running xp and states there is no driver running it.

I have looked everywhere for a driver but not found one, i have used this device on this system but in receet weeks it has stopped picking it up and when disconnect the USB and reconnect it comes up with an error.

Hope you can help me find a solution to this as it is so annoying now with nearly 2 weeks spent trying to fix the problem.

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  • Hi, Andee:

    Please provide the model of your Dell. Is this an external drive? What model is the drive? Did you get a driver disc from HP?

  • Hi thanks for replying.

    My system is a dell optiplex i think but don't know where the name of the system is kept as it does not say it in my system properties, the information it has is Computer, Intel(R), pentium(R) 4, CPU 2.00GHz, 200GHz, 1.00GB of Ram. My pc is running XP Professional with service pack 3, it also has this code in the info 76487-OEM-0011903-00102, all the info i can find right now or the only places i know to look.

    Now my drive is an HP lightscribe dvd 1040e-4H08, other info sayssuper multi dvd writer madel 040, it is an external drive also, it came with a disk of nero 7 essentials but no drivers what so ever.

    Hope this info helps you to get to the bottom of this but as i have read all over the internet no one seems to know about the drivers for this device.

    Thanks for your help and i hope you help me out.

    Kind regards Andy.