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Firmware update for TSSTCorp TS-H653B DVD +/-RW drive

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Firmware update for TSSTCorp TS-H653B DVD +/-RW drive

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530s that came with a TSSTCorp TS-H653B DVD +/- RW drive.  The firmware for the drive is D300.  I am wondering if anyone has successfully updated the firmware for this device.  The firmware posted on Dell's website is from 2007, and there appears to be at least one updated version of the firmware available on the internet:

I've read at various places that TSSTCorp drives are basically Samsung drives with a different brand, so I suspect this firmware will work.  I wanted to see though if anyone else has updated the firmware on this drive.

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  • Hi, Jerethi99:

    Perhaps you could explain what problem you are having with your drive.

    You're certainly welcome to try a third party firmware, but Dell will not support it.

  • I've noticed with some newer DVDs, when I go to play them in Windows Media Player, the seek bar for some reason does not initially display.  If I go back to the DVD's root or title menu and then resume the movie, it corrects the problem.  I'm entirely speculating here, but since I've only noticed this behavior in newer DVDs, it occurred to me it could be some new copyright protection built into the DVDs that is causing the problem.  If that's the case, I figured I might as well make sure that I have the latest firmware on my DVD drive.  Of course, this is entirely speculation.  And I also recently upgraded to Windows 7, so it's possible it's just a bug in Windows Media Player. 

    The drive really does work fine, so it's really not a serious issue.

  • I don't think it's worth the risk installing third party firmware for a problem this minor. It does not sound like a hardware issue to me. There are plenty of free DVD decoders, although I'm not sure how many yet support 7, but check VLC (link below) for an alternative to WMP.