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Can't check disk or do a system restore please help

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Can't check disk or do a system restore please help

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I have a Dell xps M1530 and am running Windows Vista home Premium and yesterday needed to run system restore and this is what happened

System Restore gives me the following error when I try to go back to a restore point: "The disk Local Disk (C:) has errors. Windows has detected file system corruption on Local Disk (C:). You must check the disk for errors before it can be restored."

It then gives me a link that says "Check the disk for errors". When I click on this, it says "Windows can't check the disk while in use" and gives me an option to "Schedule disk check".

However, when I schedule the disk check for the next restart, and then restart my computer, the disk check freezes after checking 2% of the files. I'm also unable to cancel the disk check (the starting page says it can be canceled by pressing any key... this doesn't work!). I must have restarted my computer about 10 times, the disk check failing to cancel AND freezing every single time, before I figured out how to restart with the last successful configuration.

I currently can use Windows without any errors - there are just some recent minor bugs that I find incredibly annoying, which is why I was attempting to use System Restore.

Is there any way I can get System Restore and/or the Disk Check to work?

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  • Hi, cas786:

    First, if you have not done so already, you need to back up your important files right away!

    Second, use the Dell diagnostics to test your hard drive. Insert your Dell Resource disc, hit the F12 prompt on boot then select the option to boot from the CD drive. Select Custom test, and perform a complete scan of your hard drive.

    It is very likely your hard drive is bad and will need to be replaced.

  • Hi thanks for the reply. Firstly i would like to say that it is a new hard driive and so that i doubt thats the problem. I have run diagnostics and everything is fine the only thing i can't run is check disk and defrag also the restore feature. this all started yesterday when i was half way through a system restore and my battery run out and when i turned it back on and tryed runnig restore again it started saying that i need to do a check disk basically every thing i stated in my first post. Is there any way that i can get to do a system restore.

    Oh yh i don't have the cd's that come with dell laptops as i bought this of Ebay and the person didn't supply them. Please try and help me out. I can run windows perfectly but have some errors that need addressing like my windows security centre that isn't working also windows defender is corrupt. I hope ther is a way of being able to restore my laptop also if i bought a windows 7 upgrade will that address the issue. Thanking you in advance

  • Hi, cas786:

    Ok, as long as the drive checks out, you should be good. However, I don't think system restore is going to run.

    Here's my next suggestion. All Dell SOHO laptops come with a partition that  includes the original image of the drive that came with the computer. My suggestion would be to run that and you'll have a nice fresh image to work from. Start from this link for instructions. This is for Vista. If you have XP, there's a link to click to change the instructions from Vista to XP. Then all you need to do is install Windows updates.

    Let me know if that helps.