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SimpleTech External usb 320GB HD not Recognized by Dimension 2100

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SimpleTech External usb 320GB HD not Recognized by Dimension 2100

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Re: SimpleTech External USB 2.0 (or 1.1 compatible) 320MB HD Device Not Recognized on Dell Dim2100 - Drivers not installed.




My Simplex USB 2.0 (or 1.1 compatible) external 320MB HD is listed (in Device manager) as an “Unknown Device”, “No drivers are installed for this device” whenever I try to attach it to my Dell Dim2100.  My Dell Dimension 2100 has Windows XP Pro w/ SP2. 


Dell states the problem is with the drivers that should be provided from SimpleTech.  SimpleTech states it is with the drivers that should be provided from Dell.  I have a stalemate here.


I tried connecting the SimpleTech SimpleDrive 320GB External HD to my IBM T22 ThinkPad USB port w/ Windows XP Pro (SP2 not installed) and it worked OK.


When connection to my Dell Dimension 2100 is attempted, I get:


1)  An on-screen window error message: “USB Device Not Recognized” One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem click on this message.”  Clicking on the message and following instructions solves nothing.


2)  The “Device Manager” lists it as an “Unknown Device”.


3)  The Device Manager Device status states: “No drivers are installed for this device”.


4)  The MS USB “Troubleshooter” changes/solves nothing.


5)   The drivers on the two computer systems are different in size and date created. 


Nothing seems to work – not even a search for a new driver – on the Dell Dimension 2100 computer or from online connection w/ Microsoft.  Does anyone have (or know where I can obtain) an MS Win XP Pro compatible (inf type) driver that will allow my Dell 2100 USB port recognition software to function properly with the SimpleTech 320GB external HD?




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  • Have you tried this?






    Download Simpletech Drivers

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    Version: 6.51
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    Release Date: 9/12/2009


    The Simpletech Driver Utility searches for missing and recently updated drivers for your computer and devices and automatically updates them to the latest version.

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  • Greetings:


    Thank you for your suggestions:  I tired the only to wind up being offered the "Driver Detective" download (which I already have) and the "Driver Robot" download (for USB drivers especially) which I did not have.  I will try them when I can reattach the SimpleTech USB 2.0 320GB external HD to my Dim2100. 


    The External USB HD must be attached and visible to "Device Manager" as an "Unknown Device" before either of the two programs can look for a driver for it.  The thing is, I will have t0 purchase either one (or both) of them without any assurance that the drivers they find can help me BEFORE I can actually determine if their drivers are going to be useful in this situation.   I have small hopes for any kind of useful "refund" if the drivers they provide me with prove unsuccessful.


    The second URL ( goes directly to SimpleTech which offers few driver downloads - none of which are applicable to the USB 2.0 320GB Ext. HD.  I tried there first thing without much success.


    The URL for Yahoo ( was a dead end unless I wished to ask them the same question I asked here at Dell.


    Thank you again, however, for your three URL site offerings.  Either "Driver Detective" or "Driver Robot" might prove useful - if I decide to go ahead and purchase them based on little more than hope and faith.





  • Hi,

    Is this one of the small drives that is powered solely through the USB? If so, did it come with a Y adapter to plug in to two USB's to get enough power?

    Also, do you have any data on the drive? I seem to recall that for some reason, SimpleTechs require the drive to be formatted in a certain way - I think NTFS, but if it alredy NTFS, try formatting it to FAT32....

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  • Greetings:


    Power is no problem as the SimpleTech HD has it’s own AC adapter – no power drain from the Dim2100 PC. 


    Format is no problem as it came with and works well in NTFS format on the IBM laptop – it just does not work at all on the Dim2100PC. 


    The two USB plug-ins on the Dim2100 work fine with OTHER USB plug-in devices - just not with the SimpleTech USB 2.0 (1.1 compatible) 360GB external HD.  Still listed (in Device manager) as an “Unknown Device”.