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Disk Read Error

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If you are recieving the message "Disk Read Error Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" and you can't boot your computer I can tell you what you need to do to fix the problem. First, you need to be running a Windows XP Operating System and you need to have the Windows XP Home Edition Operating System disk handy. When you boot your computer insert the disk into your CD-ROM drive then press either the F2 or Delete key depending on your system to boot the Bios. Then go to the menu that has the boot sequence in it then change the CD-ROM drive to the first priority it may be different depending on your computer. Then save the changes and exit the Bios. If your computer doesn't reboot when you exit the Bios then start it manually. When it says "Press any key to boot from CD" press any key. It should then say Setup is inspecting your current configuration. After that it will load drivers wait till that gets done. Then when it's done start the Recovery Console by pressing the key it says to press to start the console. Then press the number for the default operating system C:\WINDOWS usually it's 1. Then enter the administrator password it usually does't have one so press enter when it says to. Now you are in the Recovery Console. Now type FIXBOOT and type Y and press enter if it asks you to confirm. Now for the next and final task THERE IS A RISK IN DOING THIS YOU MAY MAKE DATA ON YOUR HARD DISK UNREADABLE. Now type FIXMBR and type Y and press enter if it asks you to confirm. Now exit the console and restart your computer it should boot correctly.Big Smile

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  • hi, this what my dell windows vista is doing, you make it sound so easy, i wish you were here, so you can fix it for me lol  but im wondering if this would work for windows vista, on here you say windows xp, does this work with vista also? im hoping :)  it was showing the splash screen and doing everything it usually does to start up, but then it just goes blask and then the error message read disk error, press ctrl alt and del to restart, i do that a few times and nothing, can it be from our brivia 46 in television, it just seems like every time we hook this dell up to it,( we use it as our moniter) something goes wrong, im just hoping we dont have to put it in the shop once again, we just got it out and used it about  3 times and this happens, im thinking maybe theres a pattern with our brivia tv and this dell, we cant use our emachine on there, it wont work, so that tells me something right? oh please can you help us? thank you, i will be waiting impatiently for you to reply, thanks :)

  • KittyKatt67, Sorry I couldn't respond to you on my own thread, but it seems that Dell doesn't like it when people comment negatively to their product or services, so they deleted my thread almost as soon as it was posted, so much for honesty in business.

     I'm afraid I don't have my computer hooked up to the T.V. so I can't help you with your problem, but I did want to respond.


  • Hi kittykatt67,

    First, please be assured that most of us are here to help, not just complain, So my apologies for this other useless response.

    If you are getting a read error, the first thing to do is run the Dell diagnostics on your drive. In order to do this, you'll need to boot to your Dell drivers disc and follow the procedure in your manual. I can suggest most specific help if you tell me what model your Dell is.

    Also, I assume when you say you're connecting to your "Brivia 46" that you actually mean a Sony Bravia LCD television. Let me know if that's correct.

  • Strat75,

    Dell does not delete complaints, otherwise you wouldn't see all the ones there are. Messages are deleted for using foul language, or posting your service tag, e-mail or things like that. So if you would pay attention to the forum TOS, all of your messages would still be there for your own reading pleasure.

  • thank you for at least replying  right? lol :))

  • hi, yes you assumed right, we just got done doing the diadnostics test , there was about 957 fails on the media write something, lol im not that good with computers, but i do know we are so upset because we never get to use this dell, its not that old, and its never used , so how could it be the hard drive ? right??  the one im on now , we tried to use the  sony brivia also, but it wouldnt work with it, , so im figuring its that tv, my hubby of course says no, thats not it:) he loves that tv!! so im probalbly gonna have to bring it back into the shop , even though we cant afford doing this right now, thats why im trying to ask a computer savvy person like yourself for help!! ; ))  thank you


    im using a dell inspiron 5315 bois i was operating with windows vista , !! if you need to ask me anything else, please do ; )) thanks again..kitty

  • i didnt mean to put in bios, sorry , please ignore that word? lol 

  • hi again, im running a dell inspiron 1315  windows vista, tv is a sony brivia  , if you need to know anything else please just ask me? thank you so much for your time!! ; ))

  • i also didnt put this with the right reply, sorry, this post was meant for osprey, thanks

  • Kittykatt67,

    I would be happy to recommend a replacement drive but you need to locate the model number of your laptop. I am not able to find any model 1315.

    Also, your TV is a BRAVIA, not Brivia.

    I'm trying to help but you've got to help me, too. Ok?

  • How long should it take for setup to inspect the current configuration?  My computer appears to be stuck here.  The screen went blank after the ,"setup is inspecting..." message.  There was audible activity for maybe 15 seconds, but now it's silent.