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Dell Precision 390 replacing a CD ROM drive with a cd/dvd burner

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Dell Precision 390 replacing a CD ROM drive with a cd/dvd burner

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specifically, what kind of DVD burner can I install in this PC. What specs do I need to be concerned with?

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  • Hi, JGV:

    I see no 310 model for the Precision line. Can you please look up the model of your CD drive in device manager and post that here. I can tell from that information what you need.

  • sorry typo, should be, precision 390 & I have, TH582 Assembly, Compact Disk Drive 48X, Half Height, TOSHIBA SAMSUNG , installed now.


  • Ok, here are your installation instructions. <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> Your system is all SATA, so any of these DVD burners will work. Keep in mind that you can keep your current drive and add the DVD burner as a second drive if you have a spare SATA port. This will depend on how many hard drives you have.

    Now, I'm not about your software situation, but I suspect you need CD/DVD burning software. If you get something from Newegg or another online vendor, look for a "retail" package, which will include software. An "OEM" box is just the bare drive.

    Please let me know if you need more help!

  • Hi, thanks for your quick reponse. My 390 has 2 hard drives & they are set up redundant. The information you provided has been very informing because I had no clue regarding, SATA or retail versus OEM. The fact that there are 2 hard drives in this unit, will that change any info you have already provided?

    Thanks, Jerry


  • Hi, Jerry:

    No, with two hard drives, you have room for a second optical drive.

    Good luck!

  • I know this is an old case, but I have to replace the dvd player and burner on my 390 workstation.  My question is, what is the height of the dvd rom / r/w drives.  From my crude measures I see it as being too short to allow anyone elses dvd player to fit in there.  Why is that?  I want to actually put in an lg blu-ray writer and it is 1.6 inches in height and I believe it's too tall for the slot.  Was this intentional?

    -Romel Evans