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Dell Precision 390 replacing a CD ROM drive with a cd/dvd burner

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specifically, what kind of DVD burner can I install in this PC. What specs do I need to be concerned with?

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  • Hi, JGV:

    I see no 310 model for the Precision line. Can you please look up the model of your CD drive in device manager and post that here. I can tell from that information what you need.

  • sorry typo, should be, precision 390 & I have, TH582 Assembly, Compact Disk Drive 48X, Half Height, TOSHIBA SAMSUNG , installed now.


  • Ok, here are your installation instructions. Your system is all SATA, so any of these DVD burners will work. Keep in mind that you can keep your current drive and add the DVD burner as a second drive if you have a spare SATA port. This will depend on how many hard drives you have.

    Now, I'm not about your software situation, but I suspect you need CD/DVD burning software. If you get something from Newegg or another online vendor, look for a "retail" package, which will include software. An "OEM" box is just the bare drive.

    Please let me know if you need more help!

  • Hi, thanks for your quick reponse. My 390 has 2 hard drives & they are set up redundant. The information you provided has been very informing because I had no clue regarding, SATA or retail versus OEM. The fact that there are 2 hard drives in this unit, will that change any info you have already provided?

    Thanks, Jerry


  • Hi, Jerry:

    No, with two hard drives, you have room for a second optical drive.

    Good luck!

  • I know this is an old case, but I have to replace the dvd player and burner on my 390 workstation.  My question is, what is the height of the dvd rom / r/w drives.  From my crude measures I see it as being too short to allow anyone elses dvd player to fit in there.  Why is that?  I want to actually put in an lg blu-ray writer and it is 1.6 inches in height and I believe it's too tall for the slot.  Was this intentional?

    -Romel Evans