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Registry settings for CD/DVD Drive

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Registry settings for CD/DVD Drive

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     I have a Dell Inspiron 530 running windows Vista Ultimate. Originally my DVD drive would not detect any disks. After trying all fixes I finally decided to install a new DVD Drive. It will now read all types of Disks. The problem I am still left with is that I Tunes tells me that I do not have the correct Registry Settings to burn CD etc from I tunes.

The new Drive came with Roxio Creator DE 10.1 which Installed ok. I have followed I tunes advice and uninstalled and reinstalled I tunes, but it makes no difference. I Tunes also gives me advice to edit the registry regarding Upper and Lower filters. Since using Microsoft Automatic Fix It to remove the Filters, they do not appear in the registry under CD/DVD drive so I am not going to edit the registry as I tunes suggests. 

Does anyone know if there is a fix to get the correct Registry Settings which I tunes  will recognise, and which does not entail removing or modifying the upper and lower filters?

Many thanks in advance.


John Watson

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  • John68


    The new Drive came with Roxio Creator DE 10.1 which Installed ok.


    Since you've got Roxio Creator installed John, why are you trying to burn discs with iTunes?

    I'm of the opinion you're always best to use a dedicated burning program anyway.


    What is it you're trying to do exactly - i.e. are you trying to create/burn audio discs, with files you've downloaded using iTunes?

    If iTunes tracks are in a proprietary format - or are rights protected, such that you have to use iTunes itself to burn the tracks to disc, have a look at this video guide, to see if it offers you any further insight?

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  • Hi and thanks for your quick reply.

    Yes I am trying to create an Audio CD with files I've downloaded (and paid for) from I tunes. I've viewed the video and Vista doesn't quite work like that, but I found the command "burn Playlist" under the File menu  in Library. when I ask it to burn the playlist I tunes tells me "No disc recording software found" and when I insert a blank CD-R , I tunes tells me Disc recording not found. I think this all goes back to the initial warning message I get when I open I tunes which tells me that " the   registry settings used by I tunes drivers for importing and burning CD's and DVD's are missing"

    Obviously I would like to reslove this problem ( I've had it for many many months now), but having tried every advice given in the forums and by I tunes and not being successful, is there any other way I can extract the music files from I tunes to burn with Roxio Creator ?


    Many thanks for your help


    John Watson

  • Hi There,

                      I have now found out how to export the music files from I tunes and burn them using Vista, But I still cannot figure out how to get the files into Roxio the same way. I would like to use Roxio for this as it has quite a few facilites not available in Vista.

    Sorry to bug you with this as its not a Technical problem, although the registry settings for I tunes still is a technical problem.



    John Watson

  • Hi, John:

    There are two options for adding music to a CD. The first option is to open Roxio and select music CD. You should be prompted for the location of the MP3 files, which will be converted to CD audio format. The resulting disc should play in any CD player.

    The second option is to create an MP3 disc. In Roxio, you select data CD, then add MP3 files. This type of disc will play only in newer CD players that have MP3 capability. Most new cars have this.

  • HI Osprey,

                      thanks for that but when I try to locate my I tunes playlist from Roxio, it tells me the playlist is empty!  (even though its full). I managed to export the files into the Vista burn programme and burned the playlist to a CD-R, but it burned in an MP4 format and this will only play on my PC and nowhere else. I've been searching to try and convert the CD to another format but so far have been unsuccessful.

    What I really want to do is fix my registry to that I tunes recognises Roxio as my Burning facility. If anyone has a good registry setting which allows I tunes to burn to CD I would be grateful if they could post them here and I will check it against my settings to see what the difference is .

  • Hi, John:

    You cannot do this with music files purchased from iTunes. The files are a proprietary format and can only be managed with and burned from iTunes. There are two alternatives:

    1. Purchase a program that will hack the iTunes format and convert the files to an open source format.

    2. Purchase non-DRM files from a different source, such as Amazon. These can be burned using any program.

    Good luck!