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Error Code 0f00-065d - SATA SMART test failed

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Error Code 0f00-065d - SATA SMART test failed

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So I've pretty much picked up by reading around that this means my hard drive is heading down the drain. Fast. I know I need to call Dell and get new one. Some people who have posted are still able to turn their computers on, but it just crashes after a while. My Inspiron 1720, however was working perfectly when I had it on in the morning, then when I turned it on 4 hours later, refused to start Vista.

Please someone tell me there is something I can do to get the files I had yet to back up! I try to do backups regularly but of course its tax season and I wasnt fast enough I guess!!

Please Help!!!!

P.S. People keep saying to request a pre-imaged drive. What does that mean exactly?  Thank You!!!

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  • How do you normally backup your computer? Do you burn files to cd/dvd disks or to an external usb hard drive?

    Can you boot to safemode desktop?

    Getting a pre-imaged drive means Dell will send you the hard drive configured for your system ready to startup and go. You don't need to fresh install Vista on the hard drive. Don't know if they actually will do that?

    So the first priority here is to try and get your data off of your hard drive.  I recommend using a BartPE live CD. You can create this CD and put burning softwre on it as well as network drivers etc. You would boot with the BartPE CD and see if you can access your files on the Vista hard drive. If you can then you can copy them over.

    Here is a link to BartPE website.





  • Ask for a replacement drive with Windows and all factory installed programs already on the drive. This is only available if you are getting a warranty replacement. If you are out of warranty you can buy a new drive from any retailer. You'll have to install Windows and all the programs yourself.

    Meantime, have you tried booting to your Windows disk?

  • It just means that some sector of the hard drive is bad.  Back in the day, we used to run Norton Disk Doctor or Scandisk and fix the offending sector(s) and continue on our way.  If it keeps getting bad sectors, then your drive is in dire need of replacement.

  • I know this is an older thread, but I have just experienced the same Error 0F00:065D, out of the blue. Yesterday, my Alienware M17xR2 was working normally, but then today, it would not get past the Windows splash screen. I ran all the tests and that's when I got the error. I tried to boot in safe Mode, but it stopped loading. I have my school flies on there along with many important programs and information, that I need.

    I don't know how this could of happened, seeing how I baby this thing, since it cost me near $5000. I don't even use it all that much, being that my M2010 is my daily go to laptop.

    Would Norton Disk Doctor, Scandisk or BartPE live CD help me in my situation, since it is not booting? 

    PLEASE HELP! I am out of warranty and I need these filed for school! 

    Kind regards

  • Remove the hard drive, mount it in an external USB case and attach it to a working system - you may be able to copy some or all of your files.

    Then replace the drive with a new one.

  • Well I dunno if this will work with your dell insprton but my 1545 dell insprton would not boot so I looked up how to reboot it but I did not rebout because I found a way to get my laptop to boot I pressed f8 repeatedly as soon as it started (this may take a few trys) then go to last known good configuration  (advanced) and press enter then it should boot try it it might work.

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