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Problems with Dell Media playing BlueRay DVD

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Problems with Dell Media playing BlueRay DVD

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Hi I am being driven mad. When trying to watch a Blueray disc on my XPS laptop the Dell media application repeatably asks to update the application. Even after updating it and restarting it still asks to uddate the application putting me into a loop. It appears to be downloading the same file each time (MediaDirect_35.exe).

I have been considering getting the Hibrid system with Blue ray to permenently attache to my TV but my experience with the XPS is putting me off.

Does anyone have a solution to the problem?




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  • Steve:

    Have you tried completely uninstalling then reinstalling and updating the application?

  • Hi,

    I have look at reinstalling Media Direct but it appears to involve reformating the laptop harddrive. Surely this can not be right. Have you any information on removing and reinstalling?


    Steve Smeaton

  • I see from another thread other users complaining of the same problem. One solution was to go to downloads and find the update file and install it manually. If you're not sure how to find downloads, please give me the exact model and OS you have and I can check.

  • Steve I had the same problem with my xps m1530, dell were useless at helping me after 3 hours on the phone the best they could do was tell me to purchase power dvd. Not exactly a solution. Anyway I stumbled across this patch on this forum seems a lot of people have had this trouble.

    download the patch and it should work.

    dont spend 3 hours on the phone like I did

  • Hi, Dont know why dell teamed up with cyberlink, better of with Inter Video 9 plus HD.


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  • RobinBredin


    Dont know why dell teamed up with cyberlink...


    Corel's WinDVD/WinDVD Plus Blu-Ray is undoubtedly a great program too, but Dell probably chose PowerDVD, because it's a very popular - and capable program Idea

    And who's to say there wouldn't have been similar problems on some Dell systems with WinDVD?

    From experience, I've found that:   “Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder”!!


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  • Really don't try that patch suggested earlier on in the thread it'll cause you more problems. Presently media direct 3.5 is NOT working, a new patch is required. I'm not even sure that dell is aware of the problem.

    There was a similar issue with media direct version4  which is used on the studio range. They released a faulty patch which crippled systems. Engineers were despatched who swapped optical drives twice and dell went through the rigmerole of reinstalling the OS which didn't work. To be honest they hadn't a clue whar they were doing. i identified the faulty patch and we got a later one manually. But this patch had which was ok could not be installed after the faulty one. If you'd used that you had to totally uninstall and reinstall from the disc then apply the fixed patch. But they still hadn't removed the faulty patch from the auto update sequence. Eventually the studio was working.

    Now lo and behold they've released an equally faulty patch on the media direct 3.5 software. the one that is further up the page on this thread. If you use this patch sure you'll be able to pay BD discs but they'll be unwatchable as the sound becomes almost inaudible and the playback picture all jerky and choppy.

    Test and see. But then you'll have to uninstall MD software, then restart in safe mode to remove the MD folder from within the dell folder in program files and use a registry cleaner tp remove the orphaned reg entries. Then reinstall the base app and BD pack from C/dell media direct folder. Hopefully they'll have a working patch soon or i want this awful software off my pc and demand they supply something that actually works!!

  • I used the patch in this thread and I managed to watch a blu ray disc all the way through, although the sound did go funny for a few seconds at one point. Its disgusting that dell havent even recognised this problem, when I phoned customer service the conclusion was that I had to buy alternative software to play the blu ray. They must have had so many complaints by now about this but what can you do?

  • I think that the patch will cause problems the moment you try to play a newer BD disc. My installation was fine said there were no updates then i tried a newer disc wouldn't play it then there was this update available which i applied and boom disc played but useless all juddery and virtually no sound.

    It may come to the point whereas i remove the MD partition and use MD version 4 instead assuming this will also work on the inspiron and dump the partition based 3.5.


    i think that maybe this could be something to do with the copy protection that keeps changing on the newer discs . maybe it might be worth using anydvd sw thus removing any copy protection and removing the need for these stupid patches that constantly fail.

  • As an update to this topic, I have now completely removed MD 3.5 from windows and installed MD4 then went through the update procedure. After many many updates it now plays BD discs fine. This has no effect on the MD partition which still boots the 3.5, but that is no use to man or beast. I had posted a complete guide to how to do this but it was deleted by site staff.

    my advice to anyone using MD3.5 in windows with Blue ray, bin it and use version 4 it now works while v3.5 doesn't.

  • I also have a few posts on this topic and although loathe to, am throwing in the towel. I very rarely give up, but its simply not worth the effort involved to fix this broken app., if even possible.

    We just finished an upgrade cycle at work which included a few machines with BR drives so I was lucky enough to have access to a few other DVD/BR programs which work just fine.

    The media direct thing is actually a really good idea in my opinion, but the execution=fail.

    On my next format or raid config. i'll wipe out the partition but its not bothering anything for the moment.

    I'm not sure whether this app is so broken because of the programming (dont want to name names, post might go bye-bye) or whether we can thank DRM INFESTED DISKS. DEFECTIVE BY DESIGN.

    Note to Record Labels, Studios, Etc....Your business model is dead. Get over it. Rein in your lapdog (RIAA) or keep funding it and litigating against your customer base. Good thinking.


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