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SATA Hard Drive for Dimension 3000

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SATA Hard Drive for Dimension 3000

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I would like to install a larger hard drive in my Dimension 3000 and cannot find a definitive answer as to whether or not I can add a PCI/SATA controller card and a SATA II hard drive as a boot drive. Any help wil be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi fkwood, Your manual is HERE. According to it, you have an IDE hard drive.


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  • I appreciate your effort, However, I already know what I have. I just wanted some information on how I can switch to a SATA drive. I believe I have a solution, I will report back when I get the hardware and determine how well it works.

  • fkwood

    You need to install a PCI SATA controller card, similar to the card HERE



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