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Please Help Me!! XPS Studio 13 CD/DVD driver failure...

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Please Help Me!! XPS Studio 13 CD/DVD driver failure...

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Dear readers,


I have a Studio XPS 13 with 4 GB of RAM. Now I want to install a legal 64-BIT Vista instead of the 32-BIT Vista ( 64-BIT option not available in the Netherlands :( ). BUT... i get the following message:

"A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert now."

I have no clue on what to do now. Do I need a new driver (64 instead of 32-bit)? Where can i find it? It's not available on the Dell website...

Please help me. I want to get started with my new notebook :).


THNX in advance!!

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  • Just figured it out.  I simply wanted to reinstall the OS without using Dell's advertisement filled restore image (Diagnostic tools/Messed up partitions/Hardware related startup Apps).

    Go to the Studio XPS 13 Support page for 64-bit drivers.

    Expand "Input Device Drivers" and download the "ITE - Device" driver for the IT8512 CIR Receiver Device.

    Extract the compressed content.

    There is a folder called "INFDrv"

    under that there is a folder called "64OS".

    The contents of the "64OS" folder is what it wants.  Throw that on a USB stick and provide it to Vista when it prompts about the DVD drive.

    I also strongly recommend you provide the ATA driver for AHCI support at this step prior to beginning the OS install.  It is located in the "MCP79 Chipset" package under the Chipset category.


    Let me know if that helped.

  • Thanks a lot! It works perfectly :). The AHCI -> ATA seemed to be the problem with the installation of the OS.

  • Well for some reason, Vista will show you partitions on AHCI enabled controllers, even allows you to work with them, but unless you give those AHCI drivers for the controller, OS Install can fail or you will get Blus Screens eventually.